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  • wilson2207 wilson2207 May 15, 2007 1:10 PM Flag

    Experience of others: FYI

    From, Homeowners for Better Building, Forums, General Discussion. What some see and experience as the," nature of the beast":

    Re: Lennar story...
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    Ron, I agree, they can just cut and paste the same old excuses! Though things seem to be improving lately, it's still far too common to see reporters fail to actually VERIFY that what a builder says is true. These people probably all tried to get the builder to fix things numerous times, and the TYPICAL responses are:

    Builder fails to show up for appointed repair date.

    Builder sends monkey who fails to properly do repairs, but maybe slaps some caulk on it.

    Builder sends monkey who damages something else while doing slip shod "repair."

    Builder refuses to come and do repairs.

    Builder denies they were notified, (homeowner should use Certified Return Reciept Mail for proof of notification and reporters should make note of proof in article when they are shown such proof!)

    Builder's monkey shows up unannounced when they know the homeowner's at work, and claims "they refused to let me in."

    Builder's monkey shows up unannounced and homeowner lets them in, at which point builder's monkey says, "uh...I have to go back to the shop to get something," and never returns. (Monkey didn't expect homeowner to be home and was never intending to go in and make repairs at all.)

    After several incidents like the above, the homeowner, possibly under their expert's or attorney's advice, refuses to let the builder or his monkeys do any more "repair" work as it is making things worse.

    Homeowners need to document everything that goes on, so they can prove they notified the builder and attempted to work with them. They do need to be there on a weekday to let someone in for repairs. Builders know that working people often can't do this very often, so they burn up your days off with no-shows and bogus caulking gun visits. Many homeowners give up because it then becomes an interference with their JOB. For those whose defects are serious, they have no choice, usually, but to keep fighting, even at the risk of taking off work without pay or making the boss mad.

    Document all of it. Lost wages are damages that MAY be recoverable especially if you can prove the builder failed to show up, etc.

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    • Monkey Homeowner did not want to pay the $300-500 for a home inspection.

      Monkey homeowner closed before repairs were done.

      So when it comes down to it, the homeowner is the real fu*cking monkey.

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      •, Home-building report/broken system, /504200384/1030,,......, All Things Considered, 7/8/04, Your Money, "Confusion, Ire Over Lemon Housing Law", Building with Richmond Homes,,http......://sat... hive.html, Saturday December 17, 2005, June 21st entry, "Home Builder Reviews" http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.c...,,,,Flatiron's Geology Lesson, Your new house?Cosmetic?,,,,[View complaints April, 5/07,Beth Lamey,,, and ANY search engine (new house construction, lawsuits, defects, complaints, etc.), to examine the 'ISOLATED','ANECDOTAL' nature of this issue, to separate 'FACT' from 'INNUENDO', and to gain insight into the business practices of some members of the corporate/public new house building industry, determine and evaluate the 'weasel' factor, and to protect your financial and emotional interests. Reading the court cases available on-line is a good idea, too.

        Your due diligence is only effective BEFORE the fact.
        I wish you well.
        Read more: To access the following, copy and paste the quote below into a Google search.

        "Hovnanian's letter to the homeowners claims that 'when there is a problem, we make things right,' " Spatz said. "After several years and a long legal battle, I am still waiting for that to happen."

        Believe what you want. Protect your interests before the fact. Do not make the mistake that I did. Justice delayed, justice denied?

        "Freedom, democracy, rule of law, these are the safeguards for coping with human nature",Clifford May, president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

      • meatman5515 writes:<<Monkey Homeowner did not want to pay the $300-500 for a home inspection.
        Monkey homeowner closed before repairs were done.
        So when it comes down to it, the homeowner is the real fu*cking monkey.>>

        Consider changing your name to meathead..., as you do not know what you are talking about. Perhaps the following may help clear your thinking?:


        Your control is now, not later.

        Many web site references have been trucated by unknown systems/parties making web site access difficult. A little persisitence, ingenuity, and creativity in a search engine should help with access.

        Visit Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings,,, Homeowners For Better Building,, Building Houses: Building Problems, Consumer Reports' research study: Housewrecked--link available at the HADD web site, 10 Things Your House Builder Won't Tell You, an00, 10 Things Your Attorney Won't Tell You, ctober03, How To Prevent A New House Nightmare, Shoddy Building in the Housing Boom? Business Week April 25, 2003, _1874_db035.htm, Exposing New Home Builders, blog/,
        (some builder specific web sites have been effectively eliminated), for this one: our ryland homes),,,,, The Pulte Home Experience,,or,......,...............,,,, Home sweet crooked house, edefects/index.htm,, Monday, June 21
        New-home warranties not what they are cracked up to be log-archive.asp,,, w3.

      • I thought you were going to Alaska?

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