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  • jphershey21 jphershey21 Sep 9, 2009 10:39 AM Flag

    Looks like 2010 is the year...

    Just wish they would have mentioned ViaSpace on the Samsung Article for the Military Fuel Cell.

    So tell me guys I understand Viaspace will own 59% of VGE once they pay the man, does that make Viaspace the parent company of VGE?

    Sorry I'm still trying to figure out how the Dragon Deal in China is really going to help Viaspace shareholders. Will the profits from that contract show on our quartley at all?

    Any reassurance you can provide will be nice, been in this thing for over a year and a half!

    One more thing anyone have any suggestions on other good stocks your in I'm buying $300 more of Viaspace on Friday and have another $300 I would like to put in something else even if it's not a long play, would like some suggestions. TIA!

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    • rod4184 Sep 9, 2009 4:00 PM Flag

      The Barons Dr K interview I believe is very promising short term.

    • sorry for the rehash, at this point it is good to see forward motion

    • Actually I was refering to that article half way down the page where it states Toshiba is on target to launch DMFC by March 2010. I know that bottle crap is no good to us! Were cartridges also it shows the Military Samsung Prototype that will be available in 3 colors that's the one that got us up to .05 a little while back.

      From the article half way down the page from the above link..."Toshiba's launch of the first direct methanol fuel cell-based (DMFC) charger for your miscellaneous gadgets has been delayed "a few months" due to problems in acquiring unspecified components." states in that article a target date of March 2010!

      Thanks to George and Rod for responding to my VGE questions, it sounds like once the MOU is done then they need to get actual contracts then it's off to the races with the GKG! Again by the time this all happens where it hits our bottomline looks like it will be early 2010...JMHO! I'm still loading up on my position while the prices are at these's really starting to come excited!! Thanks again to all for your constant DD & keeping other investors is greatly appreciated!

    • If Viaspace owns 59% of VGE then 59% of the profits will show on the Viaspace Annual Report. Any and all growth in revenues, profits and losses are 59% ours.

    • Excuse my spelling...I meant quarterly & whatever else I missed spelled!

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