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  • Jul 8, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    St. Crois,Philipines, Nicaragua,and more on the way

    The St.Croix deal is inked and approved, The Philipines deal is inked and we have recieved a payment, the Nicaragua deal is still cooking but partnering with a 300 million a year company should be a slam dunk... The Good DrK was in nicaragua for 2 weeks and then spent a week plus in South America where we have not YET been informed of a deal... I assume there is one cooking in South America or he would have only been there with apotential customer for a day or two.... This stock is going to pay off big time to those that have endured.... GLTA

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    • Part of the reason the stock isn't moving up is because every time Dr. S makes good on his loans to the company, they issue more shares....dilution.....I am glad he is doing this but that is the fact.

    • Maybe, maybe not. We finally have income producing deals and the stock slumps. No lift at all. Yes, there may be more 5 or 7 KW deals, but unless there is a flood of them I don't see how we soar. I have been in this for 7 years, never in the black despite averaging down. I don't expect this to change any time soon.

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    • And yet the stock is barely more than a penny....hmmmmmm?

      I'm not quite as optimistic as you kallison, but I still hold a small position just in case. Here's the deal:
      This company will likely have some revenue, but we really don't know what that's going to be and how many years it will take to turn a profit. They will likely borrow a lot more money and the stock will likely keep getting diluted. It is also very likely that the stock will get restructured and the amount of shares that we all hold will change to a smaller number. So for me this has just become my lottery stock and I have very little expectations any more. Been here since 2009 and seen many great press releases, but never any real price movement. I do enjoy your posts though - best of luck!

    • and so many more deals we don't even know about you are write that this stock will be great. When ? is the big question

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