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  • leoislion75 leoislion75 Aug 30, 2011 10:29 PM Flag

    How much % invest in BND (high-grade bond)?

    Frankly, there's no single answer for everyone.

    But let me point out ONE important thing:

    Your primary focus for investment:

    1)Invest for charity, retirement(40-years later), for behalf of next generations (your children, grand-children)

    2)Invest for "immediate" cash flow such as purchasing a car next 3 years..etc

    #1 <--If you are closer to that..BND should be the LEAST portion of your portfolio

    #2 <--BND should weigh alot more

    #1 -> should NOT care how volatile other asset (such as stock) day-to-day, you wouldn't care what's your house worth tomorrow (would you go ask real-estate agent every day what's the worth of your house?)

    #1 people asset allocation:
    1)Equity: at least 50%
    2)Bond: max 25%
    3)rest: 25%+

    #2 people asset allocation:
    1)Equity: really depends when you need the cash
    2)Bond&Rest: same as above

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