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  • magicsquld magicsquld Feb 8, 2006 12:41 PM Flag

    Large gaps in messages?

    Yeah come to think of it sbcglobal is a johnny-come-lately newcomer on this message board isn't he, but he is correct tha PCP has tremendous potential with defense spending and you (or ewe to use your idiocy) would be wise to change your sell sentiment and buy some of this stock. Where did you attend second grade, its obvious you were never taught to write.

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    • was posting a few weeks ago like we were long lost fishing buddies or something, thank God I don't know him from the Man on the Moon.

      They seem to be two peas in a pod, and with all his lunacy at least X is a wealthy one having called PCP back when he did.

      The ignore feature is easy Magic, and as they change identities you just add them to the list. Inconvenient, but effective.

    • Hey they are both ignorable, Sheep has been around forever as he can prove with his often referred to post #3. sbc is a newcmer and was not around in July, trust me, I have been around forever here and I would recognize an investment banking firm alias like Always thought the end game for PCP was to get acquired by GE or United Technologies, but impossible at this high price. I am a numbers guy and they just don't add up to provide any ROI in a discounted cash flow analysis. But long term, say fifteen years (I have nothing but time on my hands, with simple habits like fishing) this is a big winner.

    • OK, have it ewe'r way, go ahed, bite da han dat feads ewe", its ewe'r finanshul health we gawt at steak. If ewe think $7.7 billyun is a proper valuashun fer a stock I gawt intoo just some three yeahs ago at $700 millyun half at it, jus doan come a winin ta me bout losin 50% a ewe'r retiremunt kitti, and, no pun untendud on dat half n' 50% biznuss, alwaeyz makin dose boneheded accidentul puns.