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  • mounglene05 mounglene05 Apr 25, 2012 6:38 PM Flag

    This stock is bad too expensive.

    Sell this stock, it is too expense here and insiders sold less than the current market. What is that telling you. The chart looks so bad as well. This stock could loose momentum and drop below $70.00 This will be the next

    fslr, tzoo, grpn? There are many good stocks than this to buy and cheap:


    PCP is sell rating.

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    • It's not fslr, tzoo, grpn or facebook. It's price is movimg with the market not because of of any intrinsic issue with the company.

    • I have a question for you. If the stock is too expensive at $170, would you think it was a good buy at $85?

    • Good try shortie! Anything below 170 and I will be adding.

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      • I see where the stock did just drop below $170. Not, IMO, because of any intrinsic issues with the company; it's simply following the market. With european debt fears on the rise again, there is a possibilty jet orders could get pushed out; not necessarily cancelled. Although it will have a near term affect on sales it just stretches out the backlog of plane orders.

    • On Jan 26th, Run4urlives said the stock was going to fall to $150; it fell UP to the $170's. Now you say it's a bad stock and will fall fall to the $70's. I hope your predicative abilities are as good as Run4urlives, the stock may just fall UP another $20. You say the stock is bad. Do either of you know anything about this Co.?
      It's been very well run for many years. It's had a steady climb which the large institutional investors (who hold most of the stock) love to see. It's making acquisitions that are accretive to the bottom line fairly quickly. It's true that PCP's fortunes are tied to the aerospace insdustry, but both Boeing and Airbus have significant order backlogs that will last for a number (20?) of years and new orders continuing to be placed. It is unlikely gasoline, esp jet fuel, prices are going to drop significantly. Unless the world economy goes into another serious reccession or depression the airlines are going to have to replace an aging fleet and will be doing so with more fuel efficient platforms. PCP will ride the coattails of this 'boom' for years to come.