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  • btdt100 btdt100 Mar 2, 2009 5:29 PM Flag


    Tojo, Do you understand that the Republican party always stood for limited federal government? Bush was unpopular to them because of his massive spending and enlargment of the fed gov. That is the main reason Obama got elected - the Repubs who live near center said enough and crossed over. Bush Sr. left DC in similar contempt for raising taxes.

    I think George and this past Congress were drunken sailors having one heck of a party. But then the dems took over and Obama got to town. The party has turned into a free for all brawl. It is not about one being good and the other bad, or even one being better than the other. They all are disgusting. Excuse me, Bush gave billions to Wall Street? Obama is tripling that! And he has only just begun. The fed gov cannot police the world with its military, spending a trillion a year for what? catching Bin Laden? And the fed gov cannot prop up corrupt, poorly run banks. It is a sink hole, nor can those jokers in Washington run the banks. The adults need to stop ALL of them in their tracks and assume responsibility.

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