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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Dec 28, 2009 12:38 AM Flag

    I LOVE this market!

    <He was said to be a threat to the region, which was true, since he had restarted his nuke program when the invasion occurred.>

    That is the biggest lie I have ever read.

    <That could have posed an eventual threat to the US as well.>

    And what country couldn't be a future threat?

    And if Iraq did get the bomb, how were they going to deploy it? Federal Express? So they blow up NYC, and then they assume we are going to do nothing?

    Either the Iraqis are stupid or have no regard for human life. Ilap, your comments show you are intolerant of other religions and are xenophobic, illogical, and paranoid. IOW, you are the target audience of Fox news.

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