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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Mar 29, 2010 3:24 PM Flag

    The Empire Strikes Back


    Caterpillar said Obamacare will cost it an additional $100 million in the first year; Medtronic warned that the new tax on its products "could force it to lay off a thousand workers;" Verizon told its employees that it "will likely have to cut healthcare benefits to offset the new costs;" and AT&T announced that it will record a $1 billion non-cash expense in the first quarter and "will be evaluating prospective changes to the active and retiree health care benefits offered by the company."

    These announcements are the tip of the iceberg; hundreds like them will follow as Obamacare becomes a reality. Congressional Democrats, evidently stung by the bad publicity, are trying to strike back.

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    • I guess time will tell about health's overwhelming for me to absorb its intracasies unless someone without political bias can bring it down to a summsry level...the key phrase there is "without political bias.

      As a former petroleum exploration geologist, I support the Obama (Bush) plan to open more offshore areas for in Cali, I think the moratorium should also be lifted for the CA offshore areas. To be honest with you, most of the contamination in local waters comes from storm runoff and not oil platform incidents like Santa Babrara. Good call that it's a good start though.

      This is still a land of great opportunity....but, I don't know if you work for the public sector or not, but here in CA, my greatest gripe is paying for pension programs for retired state employees who basically worked the gravy train until retirement and we are on the hook for about 60% of their salary before they retired. Insane.

    • <<< Both programs were labeled as Socialism and strongly denounced but, which now, very few people would want eliminated. >>>

      You kidding me ? The SS system was one of the biggest mistakes every created, talk to anybody under 55 and find out about their sentiments. Biggest ponzi scheme in history. I'll leave alone the Medicare system for now, but both programs certainly are and have been a transfer of wealth. You put whatever label you want on it.
      Socialism apparently means different things to different people. The definitions get convoluted when political leaders such as Bolivia's Evo Morales who ran for president as a socialist, but now claims he is Communist. Much of the world still considers his views and practices socialist. The world is changing fast. If the policies the political leaders have instituted in the US in the past two years had tried to come about 40 years ago, there would have been a terrific upheaval in this country. As it is, very recently some democrat office positions were quickly replaced with Republicans to man the post... more to come on that. That reflects the sentiment of the American people with regard to what is happening now.

      Now with Obamas recent decision to open up oil drilling. He made a wise decision to carry on with G W Bushes proposals, not his own ideas mind you. With the wise political decision, it represents a change of direction for Mr. Obama. With this decision, he pissed of a few liberals, but I think succeeded in getting a number of conservatives off his back... if only for the moment.

    • Agree...I do miss the rambling down-homey rap of Dubya....ahhh, the good old days.

    • Ilap,

      I didn't realize the Khalid civilian court trial is a done deal. Again, I'm not the political insider you are.

      Personally, I would be happy to have him hung publicly at the WTC site.

      Can the Obama administration make mistakes.....apparently not. Can they learn from their mistakes. I guess we'll see.

    • He might be able to read good but shouldn't ya need to know all three R's to be President?

      In fact, I would go so far as to say that these basics should all be mastered if one wants to be the Pres.

      Riting and Rithmetic looks like a big weakness to me does comprehension with most there should be a test!

      Solve these little problems...along with cleaning up the corruption.. then we is gettin somewhere.

    • <<< Obama is dangerous. But nobody in the GOP can stand shoulder to shoulder with him. >>>

      The way I see it, nobody in the GOP can read off a teleprompter as well as he can.

    • I largely agree; however, it wasn't entirely blind...remember that several "fixes" were needed so that the anti-abortion Dems boguht the Dem partisanship, although present, was not entirely a done deal until the fixes were put into place.

      Interesting article worth reading:

    • <<< Here's an example of how GOP bipartisanship has been flushed down the toilet >>>

      If you really believe the Dems are any less motivated to apply partisan politics ... you have a serious case of tunnel vision, they are both guilty.

    • I voted for McCain/Palin, but I'm not a big McCain fan. If I had to do it again, I'd probably throw away my vote and mark for the canidate I really wanted to see win the president... Ron Paul. I just have a hard time doing that in what what precieved to be a close election. Ron Paul has it right in my opinion... at least more than most others.

      So lemme get this right, you voted for Obama because McCain took Palin for a running mate ? And that is your rational for other folks being un-intelligent ?

      Can you please explain your rational ? Exatcly what was it that Mrs. Palin was going to do to the state of national politics that was so unacceptable in your mind ?

    • With England as our model, complete government provided homes and cars will be next, were already there in part.
      That is when the incentive to become educated and work will remain for only the highly motivated.

      I can't wait.

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      • It sure isn't encouraging.

        One problem is the highly motivated might not stay.

        We have to have incentives to remain competitive and raising taxes and regulatory overhead is not the way to do it.

        The public sector is becoming too dominant a force and needs to be scaled back to what the underlying economy can afford to support.

        But don't ask someone in the public sector, they're mostly out of touch with reality.

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