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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Apr 1, 2010 11:16 AM Flag

    The Empire Strikes Back


    You seem to be kind of a commercial for Obama without saying anything of substance.

    "I certainly haven't seen a GOP front runner or dark horse candidate that can even stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama. Can you name one for me?"

    Sure. Anyone who doesn't say imbecilic things like the health care plan will reduce insurance premiums 3000 percent. Or anyone who doesn't seem to like our enemies better than our friends. Or who didn't say (shortly after taking office) that he didn't realize how difficult the Iran problem was. Or who isn't trying to add another trillion or so in energy taxes to combat a hoax. Or who doesn't continually tell bald faced lies, for example "I will not raise taxes one dime on anyone making less than $250,000". Or "lobbyists will not have a place in my administration". The list of his lies is a long one.

    Have you seen the video of Republican Congressman Paul Ryan explaining to Obama the fiscal gimmicks used to estimate the cost of the health care plan?

    I don't think Obama understood any of it. Or he didn't care. Maybe a combination of the two.

    As for the GOP not having a "logical response" to the nonprofit Anthem's premium increase, all he did was complain about it. Obamacare will increase premiums substantially, as anyone who has followed the actual substance of the bill knows, as opposed to listening to Obama, which is apparently what you do.

    Obama's spending and taxes are going to destroy the economy, he gives the finger to countries on good terms with us, he's a congenital liar, and thinks his personality will make our enemies love us. That's just scratching the surface. But no one can stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Stop with the bong hits already.

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    • It must be wonderful to have all your inside Obama factoisds at hands length so you must certainly be a political insider! I'm just a lowly real estate consultant. Clearly a poster-boy of believing every anti-Obama posting on the NET.

      You would quite the American hero to the GOP if you donated all your Social Security benefits and Medicare to electing one of your unnamed GOP patriots. You of course are aware of the fact that when the FDR administration proposed a national Social Security system, the Republican Party vehemently opposed it. When the Johnson administration proposed a national Medicare system, the Republican Party vehemently opposed it. Both programs were labeled as Socialism and strongly denounced but, which now, very few people would want eliminated. But the overwhelming evidence suggests that Obama-care is socialism, so therefore, it must be. That said, get over it.

      I won't argue about your other anti-Obama statements because you and I know this would simply be another one of those regurgitation discussions about Obama that pervades the Net. Look, I have problems with his policies too...but as Americans, we know that if the economy turns around by late 2011 & 2012, he'll probably get another four's that simple. People need jobs and their piece of the American Dream.

      Happy Easter

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