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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Sep 29, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    The TSA again, Oh boy

    Good to hear from you again, Fred!!! Nah, I didn't take it personally.

    The TSA is always a step behind the terrorists. First, the shoe bomber hits, THEN they check our shoes. Then there was the liquid explosives and THEN the TSA bans liquids. In my case, the TSA was checking for explosives in my underwear because of the underwear bomber last Christmas.

    The reason the scanners are there is like everything else these days, some retired pol is making money off these things.

    See the link:

    And Chertoff is a classic partisan hack. He investigated Clinton over Whitewater, was the guy over Brownie in the Katrina debacle, and was the genius who came up with the idea of a 700 mile fence along our border. (On the TV show Bulls@#t! on Showtime, Penn and Teller hired a set of Mexicans to build said fence and then go over, under, and through it. It took them less than five minutes to break through.) It does not matter that he is a Republican, and Dems are in charge now. The real key is that a former govt. employee has his hand out, and it must be filled.

    The Isrealis don't use body scanners because of the cancer risk and also questions about reliability. Someone made a nice comment about the difference between Israel and the U.S. The TSA looks for weapons. In Israel, they look for terrorists.

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