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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Sep 24, 2010 5:17 PM Flag

    The TSA again, Oh boy

    This is a complaint I filed with TSA today.

    I am a doctor who went to El Paso to do some medical work. I flew from Dallas Love Field to El Paso. As is usually the case, the TSA employees in Dallas were courteous and professional.

    I went to the area where the TSA was screening passengers and became a little irked. I was in Harlingen on Monday the 20th, and it was not pleasant. I had gone through the scanner, had my boarding pass in my pocket, and had my leg patted down. When I asked why, I was told that I had something in my pocket.

    So I am in line in El Paso waiting to be scanned, and I notice that women and children are being sent through a conventional metal detector but no men. This irked me even more. What are these new machines I wonder?

    I empty all my pockets. I go through a scanner. I am ready to get my bag and get on my flight. A female TSA agent tells me that I need to stop and face my bags. I get upset. I ask if I am going to be searched and am told yes. I ask why I am being searched if I have just gone through the scanner. I am referred to the supervisor.

    The supervisor, who later identified herself as Tonya Ray, asks me if I need help. I tell her that this is the second time I have been searched in a week, and I ask why I have to go through the scanner if I am going to be searched anyway. She says this is not an either or type situation even though the either/or situation is EXACTLY how it is described on the TSA placards I saw when entering the screening area.

    I ask once again what is the point of a search. I am not given an answer. Frustrated, I ask if I can leave. She then checks with her agent. The female agent says no. A male TSA agent then searches me. He starts at the waist, then TOUCHES MY SCROTUM AND BOTH OF MY TESTICLES during his search. This search was done right in front of the TSA supervisor.

    Ms. Ray then informs me that I can file a complaint. I ask again why I was searched. She does not know. I state that I have read these body scanners are so sensitive that they can see if I have hemorrhoids. She assures me that they are not that sensitive.

    Ms. Ray handed me a complaint form and a pen. I write down her name. She says that there is a box to put the complaint in. I write down her name, hand back her pen, and say that I will not be filing a complaint in El Paso. Her eyes widen.

    This is an image that I found on the internet of one of these body scanners,

    This looks pretty sensitive to me.

    I just want to know the next time I fly through Harlingen, El Paso, or anywhere else that has these scanners.

    1. Will I again have to be subject to radiation and an electronic strip search? Or do I have the option to go through a metal detector like the women and children of El Paso did?

    2. If I have to go through the radiation and electronic strip search, will my scrotum and testicles be fondled again?

    End of complaint.

    There is more on these machines here,

    It is crap like this that makes me want to move to another country. I have stated numerous times that if I were single, that is exactly what I would do.

    Anyone who says this is the land of the free needs to be jailed for perjury.

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    • Don't take it personally, Doc. Maybe the TSA heard that you had invested in Venezuelan bonds and were curious whether it was true that you must therefore have Niobium balls. :)

      • 1 Reply to fred.mrozek
      • Good to hear from you again, Fred!!! Nah, I didn't take it personally.

        The TSA is always a step behind the terrorists. First, the shoe bomber hits, THEN they check our shoes. Then there was the liquid explosives and THEN the TSA bans liquids. In my case, the TSA was checking for explosives in my underwear because of the underwear bomber last Christmas.

        The reason the scanners are there is like everything else these days, some retired pol is making money off these things.

        See the link:

        And Chertoff is a classic partisan hack. He investigated Clinton over Whitewater, was the guy over Brownie in the Katrina debacle, and was the genius who came up with the idea of a 700 mile fence along our border. (On the TV show Bulls@#t! on Showtime, Penn and Teller hired a set of Mexicans to build said fence and then go over, under, and through it. It took them less than five minutes to break through.) It does not matter that he is a Republican, and Dems are in charge now. The real key is that a former govt. employee has his hand out, and it must be filled.

        The Isrealis don't use body scanners because of the cancer risk and also questions about reliability. Someone made a nice comment about the difference between Israel and the U.S. The TSA looks for weapons. In Israel, they look for terrorists.

    • It is my understanding that being subjected to the scanner is optional and not a requirement. They make it seem as if scanning is required, but the last time I was at the airport you had the option of being manually searched as you said you were subjected to after the scanning.

      Next time refuse to go through the scanner and if they ask why just say you prefer to be manually searched.

      I'll never go through another one of those scanners again. I'll take a my nuts being felt up.

    • You want "land of the free"? Try Cuba.
      Canada tasered a guy in the airport. It killed him. Remember?
      Welcome to the "new world of terrorists".

    • TSA prolly read your Yahoo posts, and decided to punish you for your flip-flopping by fondling your little bawls. And they must've probably giggled after you left.....'s me...your fave MB policeman to check on your wishywashy U-turns, Mr. Deflation-Today and Mr. Inflation-Tomorrow.

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