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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Oct 15, 2010 3:47 PM Flag

    Doc: Good call, disc-drive makers

    No, Musk, I didn't. Seagate got a private equity offer. WDC is going up just in sympathy.

    For the most part, I am not buying stocks as investments until the law is changed, but the bigger names are probably okay to own. If the big corporations get too out of hand, lawyers will go after companies and their boards via class action cases. Still, I am disgusted that U.S. shareholders essentially have no rights and the SEC is totally toothless.

    This is Obama's pick for SEC chairman and how much she got paid by FINRA,

    Most investors don't know or care who/what FINRA is, but I know and do care.

    But back to stocks, there are some really compelling bargains. MSFT is so cheap it makes me sick as is INTC. Word is that Micosoft's windows 7 phone is really cool. MSFT is waiting for Congress to get its head out of its butt on tax law so it can decide on whether to do a dividend or share buyback IMO. They just issued debt and had to pay less than 1% interest on their bonds. That is crazy. MSFT can buy anything it wants now.

    I like WDC more than STX, and the amazing thing is that it is still cheap. If I could borrow at 1%, I would be buying both WDC and STX. With PEs of 5 or 6, you are getting the equivalent of 20% or so yield. If STX got an offer, I can't see why wouldn't be coming for WDC, which is a better company and has a better balance sheet IMO.

    There has been a lot of concern about the death of the hard drive because of flash drives. I think for now that is nonsense. Flash is between 10 and 100X more per GB than hard drives. These are Peter Lynch type companies. You buy companies in flailing industries that still make a boat load of cash and are not subject to new competition. WDC does not have to worry about any new competitors. It may pull back but it is still a screaming buy.

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