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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Nov 15, 2010 3:11 PM Flag

    Doc: Why are you so down on Ford?

    This was my question on March 22nd.

    Since then Ford has added on another 20%. It is up 5% today.

    Ford is the quintessential American story, an underdog, a come back from the brink, a survive and prosper against the odds, quality, value and common sense. Alan Mulally just might be the best American CEO... certainly he is giving Steve Jobs a run for his money. Go Ford!

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    • Hello,
      About shutting doors in cars. You should try to close or open any door on my husband´s Land Cruiser, it´s buller proof, even the tires. Each door weighs so much and if you got your hand caught in one it would be cut off. His SUV was not cheap either, try $125K(that because of the bullet proofing). I might of not spelled something the correct way, sorry about that. Been speaking Spanish too long and living in Latin America way too long.

    • Hey musk.

      Ford has been a great stock, and a much better company than GM or Chrysler, but they make about the worst cars imaginable.

      I used to have a mechanic that I would talk with as he would work on my car. One day I ask him what cars he thought were the better cars as he was working on my Ford car. He replied, Honda, Toyota, Nissan... mostly Jap cars... right. So I asked him... so what do you think about Ford cars ?
      His reply was this: "I can't complain about Ford cars much, about 40% of my work comes from Ford cars".... end of story.

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      • RG,
        My brother in law owns 3 mechanic shops here. He will tell you do buy: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, anything made in Japan. He will also tell you that all American cars are a piece of crap (that don´t last) and also expensive German cars are pretty bad too. LandRover being the worst. I had a LandRover Discovery that my hubby bought be in 1998 new, it cost him $52K here. That SUV was nice, but after 2 years I had to sell it. I was talking to him about a Jeep Cherokee and he had one before, said they were crap. I drive a Nissan Pathfinder, never have any problems with it. American cars are all pretty and have all the whistles and bling inside, but they can also have bad electrical problems. More stuff you have on your car, the more to worry about.

      • And I forgot to add... that was pretty much my experience with that car. It was the only new car I've ever bought... and worst than any used cars I ever bought ... a money pit.

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