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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Nov 24, 2010 8:16 AM Flag

    Jim Chanos and the Attack on the Fed

    You cannot make a bet when you do not know who is playing. Right ?
    How fast did Obama appear ? One " wow " (perfect) speech (which he didn't right of course ) at one convention. I saw that live and thougth to myself why i liked republicans and he will be presi in 4 years , and voila.. Where peoples feelings are right now, any Republican superstar "could appear. It's all about saying or not saying the right thing at the right time.

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    • If a moderate Republican were to appear, then I would consider that there is a strong possibility of he or she winning.

      The key is that this person would have to be pro business but socially moderate. The "demographics" are simply leaning in the direction of a more socially liberal candidate.

      Another "old white male" or "Sarah Palin" just won't cut it. People want moderation/need now.

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      • I think Obama IS a moderate and, without a doubt, the most competent President we have had since Bill Clinton. The guy is: a pragmatist, well intentioned, middle of the road politically, he has the people*s interests at heart rather than the big corporations*. (At least until the sheep, courtesy of Fox News, concluded that the interests of big corporations ARE their interests... I just cannot wait to see Joe the Plumber sipping tea in Beijing with Jeff Immelt... Hey, Jeff, can we make a pit-stop in Bombay on the way home... I hear they are hiring plumbers... and I just love those spicy curries... More tea?)

        Really, I do not get all the hostility to Obama... If America needs a scape-goat there are many others with less competence and more culpability to criticize/blame. Like DeLay and the criminal faction of the Republican Party.

        Obama for President 2012!

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