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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Dec 13, 2010 12:44 PM Flag

    The greatest video ever!!

    YES per kilo !!!! YES $42 an ounce . How much should i be paying ? For now this is a tiny quantity for me , as i am testing the market here . So the "losses" are of no importance. The problem is i live in South America ,,, that kind of explains it all. With Gold i "only" overpay 10%... and it is easy to find here. Silver like i said in some other message is complicated. I might as well be asking alliens for bullion at a right price.Thanks for the links but can't really use them from a distance.

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    • I kinda suspected that but happy to hear you confirm this was just a tippy toe in and you didn't get hurt.

      As to what you should pay...

      Spot price is 29.57 /oz right now so add a premium for minting of maybe 2.50/oz for coins like eagles or maybe half that for 1 oz rounds.

      Larger bars you should be able to get for a premium of maybe 30-90 cents an oz premium over spot depending on the establishment and size of bar.

      The bigger the bars, the less the premium/oz.

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