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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant Dec 10, 2010 12:43 PM Flag

    Is it time to short the long bond?

    Did you miss the move on DECK? I'm a longtime holder of DECK, EBIX, CTSH, APPL, PCP, OXPS, and COH but it is too late to take positions in these stocks.

    I'm not a fan of this market. I'm just holding. The only recent position I've taken has been PBR. I would wait till a substantial pullback in the market occurs to put any new money to work. If I had to be jumpy and eager, I'd be buying EBIX and APPL since they are currently decent values.

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    • I'm interested in ISRG as well. If the price is is getting there. I also like SAM at the right price. A good market selloff will make many more growth names available. Question is when will the selloff occur. I'm no soothsayer.

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      • You have a interesting and varied selection of stocks, for a French guy.

        Not my kind of company but amazing recent performance. Congratulations: DECK, GBIX, OXPS, SAM

        I like these and the charts look great: CTSH, PCP, COH

        This could be a great investment when it turns around, thanks for bringing to my attention: ISRG

        I am long AAPL and doing well at present with F, USD, SNDK, VECO, AIXG, CREE and others.

        I think the market is taking a pause, that there will be no correction for at least another month and that the market could rise as much as 20% next year.

        Bonne chance.

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