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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Mar 8, 2011 6:08 AM Flag

    Ben Bernanke is a rock star!

    *the democrats have had control of congress for over 4 years now and things are no better....*

    June, you look at better, but you see worse... that is just delusional.

    You say: *...until the whole political process changes such that lobbyists don't have so much influence, I doubt much will change.* Great. So, you are going to give a tea party and change the whole process? Nice try, in theory.

    Get real... The choice is about you, personally, making a difference by understanding the distinction between better and worse, and acting on that knowledge at the ballot box. That IS our system.

    So, where do you stand, June?

    Do something or Do nothing?
    Benefit the majority or Benefit the minority?
    John Stewart or Rush Limbaugh

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    • So Musk, you don't think that the lobbying issue is a problem?

      The way legislation gets written up and put into law, you have no suspicions?

      You think it all for the greater good?

      Get real.

      The politicians are owned and they don't work for the good of the country any more.

      Unions,Wall street, and certain Corp. interests come first and it doesn't matter which party in power.

      Money and political support through unions are dictating policy and it's killing the economy.

      Innovation is stifled becaue the playing field is no longer level and adherence to the status quo is what the well connected interests want most of all.


      Look at the healthcare bill.

      Look at financial regulation.

      Look at ethanol policy.

      Always protecting the turf of the established interests.

      You have to be naive to think the Pols are working for the overall good.

      Just why do the subsidies and mandates continue for ethanol given the evidence that it does more harm than good?

      Even current enviro regulation.

      You think its all about protecting the environment?


      You have to think a little deeper.

      As to the employment situation nationally, I stand by what I wrote.

      The Obama administration's policies have made things worse.

      I've never seen so much clueless economic policy put together in such a short time frame in my life.


      Designed to create dependency on the state and grow the public sector.

      Good luck with that.

      Private sector job creation has been pathetic.

      You deny that?

      Maybe you think a bigger govt and more govt influence in our lives is the way to go?

      Where's your evidence that works?

      Look at the states where govt plays the biggest roles.

      You gotta nerve to want to move to Texas.

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      • Winnie:

        I think we have been over this before: Of course government is corrupt. But that does not mean you turn the private sector loose. Or do you believe that the deregulation of financial services was good for the rest of us? I think Wall Street is at least as corrupt as government -- dont you?

        Again: I am not for big or small government, I am for effective government. Apparently we need somebody to regulate the ____ (fill in the blank) industry because they have shown themselves incapable of regulating themselves. Or should we just let bankers, the oil industry, drug companies, etc., run amok?

        Lobbies are bad. They are an evil force on both sides of the aisle... a pox on the body politic. But blaming unions is ridiculous on the face of it. Who do you think really controls the levers of power? Who is responsible for the ills that afflict us? Unions or Big Corporations, Labor or Capital? Who fought for a minimum wage, decent working conditions, representation in the work-place: Labor or Capital?

        Meanwhile, you want to lump together and ignore the differences between the two parties which form the real framework for our political system. If you were serious you would ask yourself: Do I support the party of the oil industry, or the party of unions? Do I wish our government to pursue the interests of the few or the interests of the many? Do I actually subscribe to the nasty, ignorant and divisive rhetoric of Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, or do I think a better future can be found in inclusivity, respect for difference, intellectual rigor, etc.

        I do not know it for a fact, but I would guess that if you vote, you vote Republican. You might wish, in your own self-interest, to reconsider that. Or maybe you come from oil money and you are really rich and you have a fat inheritance that could use some tax breaks. (But I doubt it.) Or maybe you actually believe in Rush and Glen, and their view of our society...

        As I have asked you previously: Which side are you on? There really is not much middle ground -- unless you just want to complain.

    • The comments in the preceding post were directed at Winnie, not at you. Sorry!

    • I sold 1/2 of my position last Thursday at $40.83 and made some nice change. Change I can believe in since I got the check from my broker this Tuesday, mailed it to my bank and wait to see how long it takes for the Postal Service to deliver.

      I saw B Gross sell all his T-Bonds yesterday; he still holds short term T-bills and am very excited since I have a position in PTTRX. It's about time. Now I see, some, sanity in the market. I see doomsday coming October 27th because it is a Thursday when all the major players sell and leave the chumps holding the bag. I will buy back in next year; maybe.

      Interest rates will skyrocket by then. I have opened an account w/ BOC and converted to rmb w/, some, of my portfolio.

      Good luck to you all and God bless you all as I pray for ALL OF US ON THIS EARTH.

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