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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Mar 18, 2011 3:41 PM Flag

    Why I like Texas and not Miami...

    Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (has signed an agreement with Dillon Transport to build, operate and supply an LNG/CNG fueling station on Dillon-owned property in Dallas, Texas. The new Clean Energy natural gas fueling facility, also available 24/7 for public access, will support the expanding Dillon fleet of clean-burning, LNG-powered tanker trucks.

    Half of my Brazilian and French friends are buying condos in Miami. There goes the neighborhood....

    If I can sell here in Brazil (a big if), I would still like to move to Texas. I am going to buy a nice house in Lake Country with a view and some land, but no bunker... and no cattle, although I do have a Great Dane that is as big as a small pony.

    I am gonna buy a 4x4 truck and a gun. I am gonna play SRV - Texas Blues - on my Telecaster as loud as I want, any time I want. I am gonna learn some Garth Brooks songs, and some more jazz standards, and maybe figure out how Django Reinhardt played all those notes with only 2 fingers on his left hand...

    I am gonna buy everything I need at, and never see anybody if I dont want to. I am gonna minimize my taxes and maximize my independence. I am serious, this is no joke.

    So Winnie: Dont mess.

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    • No bunker ? I'm old enough to catch the reference:

      Most people have no idea what happened there all those 18 years ago.

    • "Half of my Brazilian and French friends are buying condos in Miami. There goes the neighborhood...."

      Last time I went to Miami things had changed Miami beach was no longer latin..... anyway , Brazilian and French could only make a better contribution to the actual mix of things (maybe they would vote to raise taxes and not drown in det and become a banana republic). They both have bad things as does anyone from anywhere...
      To conclude , some hoods are already F up , but i would love to live in Miami , probably more than Texas .
      If i could i would buy in the North west part of Florida , best beaches more quiet , and cheaper ,better " hoods" ,way cheap compared to your house or mine Musk .
      ... in the 'oil spill scare area' .. but i'm French and they do not want me there or my money to settle my #$%$ there , they prefer Mexican backpackers. I swear to you if my girlfreind does not get a visa i will never step foot there again...

      " If I can sell here in Brazil (a big if), "
      Dusk , i am not a finance pro , you have noticed , i'm actually pretty bad. BUT , im better at " housing " . I have seen the pics(great place) , and the price.. Here is just a humble opinion . You should be able to sell it quickly at a slighlty lower price. 20% lower. Sounds bad but ... You should double or more depending on how much the dollar falls, in Florida . If you pic well even better.
      In l0 years !! You will NOT double up "again" in Brazil.

      Would you sell a stock at a 20% loss to choose one that doubles up?
      Not to mention you're not really selling at a loss.
      You just think you are . ' your land is worth what the new owner pays for it ' that's my quote.

      So the price , a few better pics.. a few more publishings and VOILA your derriere is in Texas :) , but i like Florida !

    • Hey musk... that was funny.
      I like Texas over Florida also. But FLORIDA RE is getting so cheap, I think I might buy some myself.

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