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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Apr 6, 2011 10:10 PM Flag

    What will he do?


    Dr. Joseph Mason, the Mason Hermann Moyse, Jr./Louisiana Bankers Association Endowed Professor of Banking at Louisiana State University and Senior Fellow at The Wharton School, has researched several reports on the economic cost of the Gulf Moratorium.

    According to Mason, job losses previously estimated on the basis of a six-month moratorium on deep water drilling and exploration have increased from 8,000 regionally and 12,000 nationally to 13,000 regionally and 19,000 nationally.

    Lost wages of $500 million regionally and $700 million nationally are now $800 million regionally and $1.1 billion nationally. Lost tax revenues estimated to be $100 million on the state and local level and $200 million on the national level now amount to $155 million and $350 million, respectively.

    Further he says: "I have not yet quantified the total job losses from the de facto shallow water moratorium. We are already, however, pushing above the Administration’s estimate of 20,000 jobs nationally for the deep water de facto and de jure moratoria. Every day we delay, more jobs are lost."

    What will a certain lunatic's response to this be?

    1) Produce some idiotic "analysis" purporting to show all those jobs couldn't have been lost.
    Example: "More Republican lies Rush Ilap! Restaurant business in Biloxi MS is up 6% over last year. That couldn't happen if all those jobs were lost."

    2) Pretend the article's about oil prices and repeat his standard straw man about how Republicans are lying to say oil prices have gone up just because of the Gulf shutdown.

    3) Claim the drilling moratorium is over now.

    4) Claim that everyone who is out of a job or never got one in the first place because of the moratorium gets a salary from the BP escrow fund.

    5) Attack the article or Professor without actually refuting anything in it.

    6) Say the REAL problem is commodity traders so no one should ever ever ever ever mention the drilling ban!

    7) Ignore the article completely and attack Republicans.

    8) Ignore the article completely and praise Obama's intelligence, appointees and calm demeanor. Claim that anyone who doesn't share that opinion is a racist.

    9) Call me a racist.

    10) Call the Professor a racist.

    11) Call anyone who wants a job in the GOM a racist.

    This topic is deleted.
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