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  • personyoumayknow_1 personyoumayknow_1 Apr 14, 2011 4:09 PM Flag

    Could PBR B, Nationalized by Brazil? R, They Gov't Owned?


    Something going on with PBR and we do not know. Oil up they are down. Oil down and it goes down. The CFO said in couple weeks ago that they need to raise 12 to 14B every year. What that for? Some of you knows?

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    • It's called Capital Investment. What? Do you think the oil is summoned from 1000ft below the sea floor by magic?

      Drilling, storage and transport is expensive and is why the stock is so cheap.

      I like it because it is in our hemisphere and by the time PBR oil comes on line the Hadjis reserves will be drying up and we can tell them and Israel to go to Hell.

      Just wait until they are recovering a million barrels a day in ten years.

    • It may well be that the issues of an SPO may be here again. More times than not when an issue begins under performing... it's for a reason. And too many times it has to do with SPO's.
      This was the issue hanging over PBR for most of 2010 until they got it done in October. It's no secret that PBR said they would look to raise more cash this year. It may well be that the Capital markets are again aware that PBR is shopping a cash infusion.

      Good call personyou... I'm in your camp.

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