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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary May 17, 2011 9:15 AM Flag

    The king of bailout . Strauss-Kahn was framed.

    I will throw it out there before you hear it on the news weeks from now. I think he was FRAMED/SETUP . Come on , it's so obvious. He's 62, twice married ,very very rich , powerfull and just about to run for presidency . Sexual abuse (can't wait to hear the details)?? A maid in a french hotel in N.Y city. I don't think so!!! He was first in EVERY poll for french elections. Maybe i got the American judicial system wrong but isn't he NOT guilty until proven otherwise ? It's not like it's mike Tyson(by the way , he is here in Argentina for dancing with the stars, how funny is that?) .

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    • "The IMF's change of heart "

      Hmmm this could be relevant.

      Bottom line, I think DSK wasn't willing to march to the banker's wishes (anymore)and IF there is a conspiracy behind the sexual misconduct charges , my guess is the bankers are behind it because DSK started to balk on the idea of more bailouts.

      He started to see that the bailouts were only serving the banks and actually hurt the poor.

      Not that I ever agreed with the idea of a globally unified currency (that was backed by DSK) which would have been backed by the IMF (because I sure dont) but that's not to say the bankers have anything different in mind either.

      It's how to get there that they may have differed and the devil would be in the detail......including a difference of opinion on the need for more tax-payer funded bailouts in the EU.

      It's a bankers conspiracy if there is one.

      Most likely has connections to WS too.

      The DOJ and the legal system is now under the control of bankers.

      Not to say, DSK isn't a jerk in his personal life....I just like to look to where the bigger evil is.

      Something stinks.


    • i said i could laugh about it but i still have not and will not change my mind until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

    • And Ben Stein is not even French! Economics is the rapiest profession! Who would have thought!

      I just knew the blame-the-victim defense would come out sooner or later. Shame, shame, shame.

    • Thanks. I like you to, even though you are french, and a guy. :-)

    • no need to apologize Musk . I have a great time one the board , and you are one of my favorite pal on it. You can give all the opinions you want , you can be nice and sometimes mean , that's what it's all about . Information plus entertainment.

    • The alleged victim*s looks have nothing to do with anything. Next we will hear the argument that she asked for it, needed it, b/c she is homely, poor, a single mom, has HIV... Might as well just blame the victim and be done with it.

    • I agree Doc, DSK could be both scum and be set up.

      might not be apparent right now to some as to what the motive might be but to me , the politics right now opens up a lot of possibilities.

      And I agree with frenchie her, the timing is quite interesting.

      Both WRT France, and the IMF as it might relate to certain Americans' interests.

      If the folks behind 9-11 were able to pull off their scam , this is peanuts.

      As an aside and perhaps less relevent, I've yet to see the looks of the alleged victim.

      If DSK were the scum of the earth, his money and expense account afforded him upper percentile looks in his companionship.

      Does the victim fit the profile of DSK's tastes?

      Just wondering...

    • That was a decent interview:

      He actually made some good points, but I don't like the fact that he has not mentioned a jury might buy into the fact that this is a setup.

      <I think its just plain rutting chimp in the first degree.>

      True, but that also makes him easier to set up.

      <Since this outcome has already occurred, one would think the charges will soon be dropped.>

      No way!! These are the high profile cases prosecutors live for. If there is DNA evidence, prosecutors will take this case to the limit. If not and the defense lawyers can get the previous accusers from testifying, they might settle.

      Dershowitz is also wrong IMO about the damage the other women may have. Quite frankly, people who can lie without being punished or are paid to give testimony have almost zero credibility in my eyes. And yes, prosecutors can and do pay to have people testify against defendants. Nice, huh?

      As for some European testifying under oath, there is no punishment for perjury for that person. The person can lie and fly back without worry of being prosecuted by the American system. And it is not like there is any punishment for women who lie about being raped in this country either. Not one of the women lying about rape in the Purdue study was prosecuted nor was the accuser in the Duke case. Maybe a charismatic speaker could sway my feelings on the matter, but I doubt it.

      Rape is one of the most blatant examples of sexism in our legal system. A man accused of rape is thrown under the bus while a woman lying about being raped, even for the most malicious reasons, is rarely if ever prosecuted. She is handled with kid gloves and even sympathy, "Aww, the poor girl thinks she has been raped." I have had a patient who was falsely accused of rape by his stepdaughter, and the consequences to him were devastating.

      It comes down to the maid for me. The victim in the Mike Tyson case springs to mind as the perfect witness. She kept a low profile, gave one interview, and didn't go after Tyson's money. In the end, the jury was left asking, "why would she lie about Tyson raping her?". Because there was no reasonable doubt, there was a conviction.

      And this maid has already done some things that make me cast doubt upon her. She has already got a lawyer and claimed that she didn't know who this man was (even if true, she knew he was staying in the $3000 a night suite). Her credibility is what is going to make or break the case for me, and I think I am not alone in feeling that way.

    • I'm agreeing with Arwen and Doc on this one.

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