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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Sep 29, 2011 1:29 PM Flag

    More on America as a fascist state

    I don't think I have been ever as physically ill as I have been watching a video. I can't believe this is happening here.

    First off, we had the guy in New Hampshire lighting himself on fire being ignored and now most of the media is mum on the Wall Street protests.

    Kudos for Lawerence O'Donnell for speaking some truth on this issue:

    And as usual, if you look at the links, you will see it is the European press and the blogs actually giving us the news.

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    • •The Eight Marks of Fascist Policy

      "In the fight against authoritarian regimes abroad, the United States had adopted those forms of government at home, complete with price controls, rationing, censorship, executive dictatorship, and even concentration camps for whole groups considered to be unreliable in their loyalties to the state.

      It is as Bastiat said: the real cost of the state is the prosperity we do not see, the jobs that don’t exist, the technologies to which we do not have access, the businesses that do not come into existence, and the bright future that is stolen from us. The state has looted us just as surely as a robber who enters our home at night and steals all that we love.

      Producers are organized into cartels in the way of syndicalism.

      Syndicalist is not usually how we think of our current economic structure. But remember that syndicalism means economic control by the producers. Capitalism is different. It places by virtue of market structures all control in the hands of the consumers. The only question for syndicalists, then, is which producers are going to enjoy political privilege. It might be the workers, but it can also be the largest corporations.

      In the case of the United States, in the last three years, we’ve seen giant banks, pharmaceutical firms, insurers, car companies, Wall Street banks and brokerage houses, and quasi-private mortgage companies enjoying vast privileges at our expense. They have all joined with the state in living a parasitical existence at our expense.

    • If you’re a Wall Street behemoth, there are endless opportunities to privatize profits and socialize losses beyond collecting trillions of dollars in bailouts from taxpayers. One of the ingenious methods that has remained below the public’s radar was started by the Rudy Giuliani administration in New York City in 1998. It’s called the Paid Detail Unit and it allows the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street corporations, including those repeatedly charged with crimes, to order up a flank of New York’s finest with the ease of dialing the deli for a pastrami on rye.

      The corporations pay an average of $37 an hour (no medical, no pension benefit, no overtime pay) for a member of the NYPD, with gun, handcuffs and the ability to arrest. The officer is indemnified by the taxpayer, not the corporation.

      New York City gets a 10 percent administrative fee on top of the $37 per hour paid to the police. The City’s 2011 budget called for $1,184,000 in Paid Detail fees, meaning private corporations were paying wages of $11.8 million to police participating in the Paid Detail Unit. The program has more than doubled in revenue to the city since 2002.

      The taxpayer has paid for the training of the rent-a-cop, his uniform and gun, and will pick up the legal tab for lawsuits stemming from the police personnel following illegal instructions from its corporate master. Lawsuits have already sprung up from the program.

      When the program was first rolled out, one insightful member of the NYPD posted the following on a forum: “… regarding the officer working for, and being paid by, some of the richest people and organizations in the City, if not the world, enforcing the mandates of the private employer, and in effect, allowing the officer to become the Praetorian Guard of the elite of the City. And now corruption is no longer a problem. Who are they kidding?”

      Just this year, the Department of Justice revealed serious problems with the Paid Detail unit of the New Orleans Police Department. Now corruption probes are snowballing at NOPD, revealing cash payments to police in the Paid Detail and members of the department setting up limited liability corporations to run upwards of $250,000 in Paid Detail work billed to the city.

    • It didn't take too long for the US press to pick this up. Now my neighbor is downtown protesting lol! I asked her what exactly she was protesting and she couldn't give a clear answer. She says she wants to move to Europe now(good luck with that lol). Just a few days ago she was happily shopping at the mall, now she's a hippy???

      Ambiguity as usual. No clear cut reason. Corporate greed? These same protestors are using Apple and Google services/products everyday. Without some greed, nothing will get done. With too much greed, chaos arises. Back to Aristotle! The middle path is best.

      I understand the frustration in many respects but I don't know how effective the protests are going to be. I just hope we don't end up like Greece!

    • Wall Street protests.

      The Hippies protesting Wall Street are the same Hippies that protested the war in Iraq and just about everything that George Bush did. They are lifelong Democrats, Union Thugs, Eco bots.

      If George Bush was in office or if Mccain had won they'd be protesting the President but they are childish, overprivledged Democrats. They can't protest Obama so what do they do? Protest MONEY, Establishment, Wall Street.

      Doc, you give these people too much credit. There were always protests when Bush was in office, now what's changed and I can't even recall a protest against Obama. 1/2 the people protesting don't even know what the Fed is. They are protesting money and a poor economy. They can't protest Obama so they set their sights elsewhere.

      Those people don't have 1/16th of your intellect. I also love how the wall street protesters are "good" by the media and the teaparty is "bad".

    • Thanks for the links doc, the police state is coming.... scratch that.

    • Just wait until Elmer Gantry Perry is prez, you ain't seen nothing yet. The country is where it was in 1859 and we remember what happened a few years later. You have the conservatives who believe science is a liberal hoax and recycling in a Communist conspiracy.

      PBR is a long term buy real soon. Brazil is struggling as is the world's economy. Under $20 would be great.

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