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  • sonya20911 sonya20911 Apr 16, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    Obama Ended Recession

    BS, I fail to see much difference between W and Obama.
    Perhaps in 2012 IMO we will have another recession.
    Who cares who the Executive is, It is wall street.

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    • <Who cares who the Executive is, It is wall street.> Yep.

      Here are excerpts from a review of Ron Suskind's book, "Suskind's "Confidence Men" is based on 746 hours of interviews with over 200 people, including former and current members of the Obama administration - including the president...Per Suskind, President Obama decided in March, 2009 to create a plan to restructure many of the large, troubled banks, starting with Citigroup - only to learn a month later that Geithner/Treasury had ignored his directive. (Perhaps motivated by Geithner loyalty to former boss and Treasury Secretary Rubin (during the Clinton administration), then a Citigroup senior adviser and board member?) Insubordination, or protecting the president from himself?

      Suskind also tells us Geithner was working behind the scenes to neutralize Elizabeth Warren and prevent her being named to leadd the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - per bankers' demands.

      Suskind sees Obama as a passive CEO sketching out guiding principles and allowing others to fill in the details. This ended up delegating the creation of ObamaCare to Congress, and fiscal reform to Geithner - losing control and momentum in both instances. Another Obama characteristic was seeking consensus among advisers, instead of considering whether one side or the other was just plain wrong.

      Geithner is even described by one major bank CEO as 'our man in Washington,' undoubtedly at least partly due to Geithner having been selected by major bank CEOs to lead the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Geithner also had underpaid his taxes by $34,000 in recent years, via erroneous deducations."

      I can't believe that I hadn't heard about this book, and I have just ordered it.

      To be honest, the whole thing about Geithner is beyond belief. How did a guy who cheated on his taxes get picked to lead the IRS?

      And Geithner is typically of the new breed we see way to often in Washington. He steals billions (if not trillions) in taxpayer money and then parlays his government "work" into an eight figure job.

      And some people have the nerve to say Timmy the Thief is doing a heckuva job.

      The fact that Obama sat by twiddling his thumbs doing nothing while Geithner directly disobeyed an order from the president shows you what a complete wimp Obama truly is. He has ZERO idea what right and wrong really are.

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