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  • waddawhat2002 waddawhat2002 Dec 14, 2012 10:07 PM Flag

    I am sick of liberals lies

    You know which one I've been thinking about that cracks me up? This one has been around awhile but for some reason it isn't dead yet. They say that more Men are in math/science jobs today because little boys play with GI Joes and trucks and girls play with barbies. Men aren't REALLY naturally better at those things, it's just nurture. Somehow I doubt that if 4 year old boys played with girl plastic toys and 4 year old girls played with boy plastic toys we'd have different results.

    No fed would = chaos
    Quantitative easing works.
    We "Need" them to print a little bit of inflation in a regular market.
    The rich can "afford" higher taxes.

    When I was in school probably 10-20% was about math/science. 30% was about english/creative writing/feelings. 30% was political correctness/racism/sexism. 20% was electives. They feminized school so much. It's all about FEELINGS now. No wonder colleges are dominated by women now. You could get a college degree today without taking a single math or science course but you HAVE to take numerous humanities PC brainwashing classes to be "well rounded" It's all about isms. Racism, sexism, feminism, culturalism. The schools are all about equality in everyone and everything except taxes. They want equal results not equality opportunity. The schools say the evil greedy rich should pay MORE (without defining a number) while the struggling people shouldn't have to pay.

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