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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant Dec 28, 2012 5:05 PM Flag

    New stock picks

    OK, Back to stocks. I'm liking( and probably buying in the near future) these 3. Meeting my criteria for growth and value currently. Each looks to have enough of a margin of safety.

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    • I've been holding some Tata Motors for some time now. I might just apply my strategy to TTM, it's been actually behaving pretty well.
      I don't worry too much about India.

    • BIDU at the very top of my list to buy next year.
      EZPW, interesting, like to see some upward momentum
      MYGN, interesting, looks pretty good all around.

      I am interested in INTC for the divvy, low price and rock-solid technology... Scale has given them a very deep moat and unique resources for chip manufacturing and development. If they never sold another proprietary chip they could still dominate the semiconductor industry as a fab for others´designs.

      Interested due to recent movement, projections of a good Christmas, for DECK.

      I will be buying into Asia region/country mutual funds and ETFs, Tigers, China, Japan.

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      • Musk, I like INTC also. I sold out of it awhile back but it's now cheap again. It's the kind of stock you can buy on margin and feel somewhat long as you buy it cheap over a 4% divy yield.....seems cheap enough.

        I sold ISRG awhile back and PCP recently. Both nice gains but imho getting overvalued. I now have that cash to put to work.

        So far so good for DECK.

        Agree on Asia. 2013 should bode well for the region.

        2012 was a highly correlated market. 2013 should be better for stock pickers.

        I've just started reading Seth Klarman's "Margin of Safety". It's available as a pdf online so you don't have to pay 1000 bucks for an original copy.
        So far it's a great read. Klarman has compounded at 20% per annum since 1982. Pretty amazing guy imho.

    • I'm out of the market right now(save a few issues I've been holding for long term). Taking the week off trading to close out my short term positions for no year to year carry over, makes it easy for me come tax time.

      Anyway, I looked at MYGN about a year or two ago. It really makes sense that Pharma's will use their technology to pair patients to particular drugs for maximum effectiveness. But I never bought any and forgot about the company.
      I like the stock and will likely look to take a position early in the new year. I think it might be a tad rich right now. Then again, the chart looks nice. If the broad market pulls back, which I expect for 2013, MYGN should fair better than the average stock, but it won't be completely insulated from falling.
      I'll look to buy some shares, and from there sell both pulls and calls on the issue.

      I know you usually stick to stock fundamentally stable, thanks for your recommendation.

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