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  • onesearch26 onesearch26 Dec 31, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    2016 - Hillary vs Jeb?

    Thinking about the "smartest, most capable person in the room", Hillary vs Jeb would probably be a really interesting election. I think both of these two are potentially much better candidates than their namesakes. Hillary's biggest drawback, imo, is the fact that she would almost certainly have to bring Bill with her. For me, this is a big negative for a multitude of reasons. I think most people, however, least on the Democrat or Independent side....would initially think of Bill as a plus, but I think that feeling would likely diminish the more that people try to figure out how this would work, whether Bill Clinton is really someone we want near the controls of the country and whether or not he could possibly be marginalized by Hillary enough that she could lead her own presidency. Of course, there's also her health, which, regardless of the seriousness of her current deal, is still perhaps too rundown to really sustain a presidency. On the other hand, Jeb Bush is possibly the best of the Bushs and the best that the Republicans have to offer. On his side, George W is a negative weight going in. I think he's probably capable enough to eventually distinguish himself enough that people realize that he is not his brother.

    Who else, if not these two, is the smartest, most capable person in the room" for 2016?

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    • I can´t imagine beyond my hopes for a Democratic landslide in the mid-term elections.

      A deal today on the cliff makes that less likely, if anything. For the Dems, better we go over the cliff and then win big in ´14.

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      • If you study the margin by which red state districts elected their House members in the election just past, there is little basis to hope for a democratic landslide. One should never say never, but the granular data says "not likely".

        The top of the Republican ticket was very weak, turnout was not good, and yet most of the House Republicans won with over 55%. I keep hearing talk of a big '14 election sweep from my more partisan friends and the more liberal media talking heads, but I think it's mostly wishful thinking, unless something big occurs in the interim.

      • Lets call it what is really is.... "a budget crisis". That is what we've known it to be for years gone by. This happens when too much spending is combined with not enough revenues.

        Fiscal cliff is a scare tactic term.

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