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  • winsabokk winsabokk Dec 31, 2012 6:05 PM Flag

    Re: This guys gets it...

    Could not post reply to Musk's post so started new thread..

    "If you don´t see any distinction between the murder of a few military and diplomatic professionals by enemy combatants in a dangerous war-zone, vs. the slaughter of two dozen truly innocent kids at school by a mental-case wielding weapons pilfered from his gun-toting mom, then nothing I can say will make a difference."

    That's because you DO worship Obama and the ground he walks on.

    And so you support his wanting to implement more strict gun control and justify it it by using these lost children's lives as a crutch just like Obama.

    this is opportunistic and not a sign of true leadership.

    (like Obamacare, any gun control legislation was already written and waiting for the right moment, eh?)

    This also shows a leadership style that is based in ideology and pre-conceived notions rather than practicality because the Prez really has no business in selectively poking his nose where it does not belong.

    Just shooting the lip from the hip again like on so many other occasions.

    i.e. --Police "acting stupidly" in the professor Gates incident , Benghazi deaths because of a Muslim movie???, Trayvon Martin being the wonderful boyish son he never had going for Skittles etc... with the MSM continually supporting him and showing a dated photo showing him to look like a 13 year old.

    if Obama wants to selectively interject himself into certain situations and be an activist and use the bully pulpit to express his views, I think it's only fair we examine and evaluate his shoot from the lip opinions in hindsight but also look at other incidents or areas where he remains silent.

    so we have some innocent kids who were victims and the Prez and media are all over it with wall to wall coverage as they conveniently drop coverage of the response to Hurricane Sandy or Benghazi where Obama starting to look bad. (How convenient)

    Meanwhile , accidents of various sorts (including vehicular and outdoor activities) claim hundreds of times more innocent lives every year including those of children.

    Then there are medically related deaths (in the thousands) on an annal basis that are also preventable because of various errors and omissions.

    So using 'ObamaLogic', it seems to me that we might need more ObamaControl over vehicular capabilities and speed in order to reduce the carnage on the highways, no?

    Perhaps limiting top speeds to 30 mph within cities and 55 on highways using black box controls on engines??

    I could go on with more ObamaLogic such as having the govt eliminating a bunch of activities where thousands of children get scuffed up or hurt (and with far more dying than from guns) but hopefully you get the point.

    Govt has no business constantly meddling in everyday lives of Americans, especially when it can't handle what is already on its plate.

    Accidents happen and crazy people will do crazy things and no amount of govt control can ever hope to eliminate all accidents (or heaven forbid, sadness from our lives) short of totally taking over our lives and dispensing lots of mind altering medication.

    Lets hear it for more drugs as part of Obamacare as we move closer to an Orwellian State!!

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