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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Feb 19, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

    Gov. Walker wants to sell some power plants


    Koch Obsessive Disorder in the media again. Per Powerline:

    One of the most absurd non-stories of recent years involved a 2011 proposal by Scott Walker’s administration to sell more than 30 decrepit power plants that were owned by the State of Wisconsin and used to heat schools, prisons and so on. Selling the power plants would, with luck, have raised a little money and relieved the state of the need to pay for costly environmental upgrades, but liberals theorized–with absolutely no support of any kind–that Koch Industries, a minor supporter of Governor Walker in his 2010 campaign, wanted to buy the plants and that the proposal represented some kind of sweetheart deal. In fact, no unit of Koch Industries is in the business of operating such plants, and when asked, Koch said that it had no interest in them. Yet the smear, repeated by left-wing spear carriers like Paul Krugman, refused to die.

    Now fast-forward to 2013. The proposal to sell the power plants is again being floated, this time as part of Walker’s transportation budget. So how does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report on the proposal? It resurrects the old Koch Industries speculation, even though no one ever produced a shred of evidence to support it:

    "When Walker included the proposal in his controversial 2011 bill to end most collective bargaining for public workers, opponents claimed the plants sale could be linked to Koch Industries, a company run by key backers of Walker’s campaign. Koch denied any interest in buying the plants, but two Wisconsin power companies, We Energies and Madison Gas & Electric Co., were interested."

    And again, just today:

    "If Gov. Scott Walker is still planning to move ahead with a plan to sell off hundreds of millions of dollars in power plants to help pay for some of the borrowing to fund his $6.4 billion transportation plan, Koch Industries isn’t in a buying mood."

    "Melissa Cohlmia, a Koch Industries spokeswoman, said Monday that the company has no interest in buying any of the 37 power and heating plants."

    '“Koch Industries had no interest in Wisconsin’s publicly owned power plants when this issue came up in 2011, and we continue to have absolutely no interest. As was the case when this false storyline emerged in 2011, the plants are obsolete and do not in any way fit Koch companies’ current operations or business plans moving forward.”'

    "Two years ago, Walker put the idea of selling the power and heating plants in his plan to end most collective bargaining for public workers. Opponents jumped on the idea, saying the plants would be snapped up by Koch Industries."


    It is the non-story that just won’t die, with seemingly endless “Franco is still dead” reporting. Only, of course, Franco actually existed.

    Meanwhile, there is a huge scandal in the field of energy: the Obama administration’s sliding tens of billions of dollars to Democratic Party cronies in the “green energy” industry to support goofy projects that couldn’t exist without government favoritism. This is a real scandal, with real cronyism and real corruption, involving enormous amounts of money. Yet the media simply ignore it, because reporting on it would reflect badly on their party.

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