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  • arna_genious arna_genious Jul 6, 2013 7:24 AM Flag

    PBR has untapped geographic locations for unlimited supplies of oilmfornthe next 200 years...

    I have a friend who is a geologist for a private firm who's job it is to locate these Brazilian oil rich locations for PBR. Brazil has probably the biggest untapped oil locations than any country in the world and they keep this hush hush. When the crooks from around the world seek an opportunity to take over the majority of shares that the government doesn't own cheaply, they go for it. The time clock is ticking with the world cup and olympics coming and now is their last chance. That is who this dope posting under a variety of aliases came out of the woodwork from. This is their last chance to seize the majority of shares that the government doe not own but do not be fooled. The Brazilian government knows this as much and more as and than I do. These scoundrals have to act swiftly to steal your shares so I would not delay in filling up your tank with as many PBR shares that are available cheaply. It s Christmas in July for those buying PBR. Feliz Natal!.

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    • Told you it is Brazil Enron. All the oil company makes money in all the situation, regardless currency, policy, management, excepts this one. It is the government's ATM machine. With close to 100B debt which no one knows where it has gone, the share price will head to $2.76 or lower...

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      • Look idiot, I am impartial but I am telling you that PBR is in a unique situation for the next 200 years. For people who need money, it is one of the wisest long term investments. I am fortunately in a unique situation and taken care of for the rest of my life while living off a trust fund. For the most part, I do not play the markets whatsoever unless for a little fun. I told people to short arna a couple of weeks ago and they made fun of how spelled genious because the correct spelling was not available as an Id. So now arna is just about ripe for covering tomorrow and I will be back in all cash. I had the last laugh. Maybe I should buy PBR long term for the fun of it and watch my play money grow but I do not need the money. All I do is spread interesting facts that I have learned about specific companies. I mingle with the right crowd. Many are spoiled little brats that were all born with a silver spoon in their mouths. I thought this fact about PBR was quite interesting and worth telling from a geologist friend of mine. I thought it worth repeating because of how politicians scream constantly about alternative energy and meanwhile PBR has enough oil in Brazil alone to satisfy the entire world for the next 200 years. I would say that they sit in a pretty position to benefit over the years and all the fear tactics by shorts here is a waste of time. The are peeing in the wind. I am the first guy that loves a good short but shorting PBR is like throw your money in the garbage. This company will continue to grow long after we are old men and buried six feet under. It should become a leading oil company over the next 200 years. If the truth hurts, do not blame me. Longs already won the wager here. You should thank me for being one of the fewest rich kids turned adult who tells you the honest truth!

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    • So how does the world cup and olympic games translate into more profits for PBR? Is there anyway you can explain that? You do understand that the more you sell at the gas pump more money you lose. Is this so difficult to understand? This is first grade stuff...dang.

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    • this company is mismanaging by red necks, more oil they pump, more money they lose.. they should hire professional money management to hedge currency volatility, instead of let it float with the current rates.. it is hard to detect the deficiency when too many fires to put out.. oil prices, political unrest, forex rates, throughput limitations, technical limitations, world market adjustments and other challenges which beyond the capability of PBR leaderships. When PBR market caps dropped more than 50% in less than 1 yr, then it is time to replace the top layer of the leadership. I would vote all of them out...

    • Amen to that!

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