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  • fridgeratorboxinvestor fridgeratorboxinvestor Feb 25, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    Investors in Brazil hate Petrobras as a Lula Dilma PT infested Branch of PT Gov.

    Rich people in Brazil buy fazendas. they avoid Petrobras? They avoid this dead money PT Lula Dilma wealth transfer program designed to grab hard currency from dumb greedy Gringoes.

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    • Sorry, sir, I don't think it even matters one way or the other. People hate JCP who loses money for years, makes zero money, and is up over 6 percent today, what does that tell you...Its called way way way way oversold is what it is. Pbr is the same, way oversold, been in a multi-year bear market now that is a lot closer to the end than the beginning of it. So, its more time to be positive and looking for a buy point at this point than it is to focus on the negatives which are all widely known and well rehashed at this point that even bad news becomes good news because its all factored in and then some. There is a lot more upside than downside at this point no matter even if Bugs Bunny is running the company, who cares anymore....

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      • Very cogent reasoning, too early in your timing. Even Lula is not happy with the situation but he is not willing to jump into the fire now. Likely, he will wait to run in 2018 as a savior, bringing in Meirelles in control of the economy and a business community vice president, like he did before. PBR may be a buy around 2016 if not nationalized earlier. If Dilma nationalizes now, not even Lula will be able to reverse it and he is smart enough not to even try. It is a political game more than an investment game.

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