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  • king_of_intellect king_of_intellect Jun 16, 2009 10:44 AM Flag

    Long Term Plan

    After a working within close range of several plants, I have concluded that upper level managment is only following orders from higher up, rather than strategically managing their respective plants. There is no evident long term strategy, only focus on the up coming quarter. "Sell more now" and "do it more efficiently" are not strategies, rather directives.

    It is interesting how this company's stock had been in a steady decline long before the economy experienced it's downward trend. That was 18 months ago. That in itself leads me to believe that there is no long term plan.

    There is quite bit of good equipment and even more good people within the company. I only hope upper managment is capable and willing of fostering the two.

    The King

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    • pina.sandra Jun 20, 2009 4:26 PM Flag

      Abuslutelly work for one and management has no clue! They dont know how two run a envelope company. All about us not getting job done and not about thuer schedualing or not knowing whats going on! They have no clue!

    • No long term plan just a hope of survival. The Burton era has never been focused on growing the business just earning more money on the business. That is what is wrong with the company !

      The Burton era needs to come to an end before there is no turning back and that point is very close. The sad deal is that most of the companies standing on their own would be great places but having to support Stamford and it is killing them. Prior to Burton the top pay at the corp level was under $ 600,000. Now we could be spending that is security alone!

      For Cenveoho to survive there must be a change !

    • Quoting whatsnextmb.
      "Well at least he is losing money like the rest of us.

      I hope he invested a lot when it was $25 a share... LOL "

      Unfortunately he receives enough in stock and bonuses to offset most of those losses and the tax relief from "losses" probably washes out the rest. BB has been at this game for a long time I doubt that he has taken any hits that hurt as much as the ones he has put on the hired help.

    • Well at least he is losing money like the rest of us.

      I hope he invested a lot when it was $25 a share... LOL

    • Hostile tack over still hostile ! This is a company that could survive without the current leadership ! But as it goes no the lights are getting dimmer !

    • He hired himself by buying enough shares to take control.... hostile take over.

    • I fully agree with that those that are left, are the skilled that are smart enough to wait out the economic storm and jump when it gets better. This company will be in for some very hard times when the economy gets better. There are many waiting to head to a better company due the leadership currently in charge. The lose of so much and now taking money out of their pockets to make the bottom line look better?

      Who hired this bafon that is running things?

    • A long term plan to this group is a quarter. BB and his group do not think in terms longer than that. Just my observation.

      • 1 Reply to printergonebad
      • You hit the proverbial nail on the head . Putting presses in plants that will not have the capacity to justify the expenditure . Instead of putting old new equipment in sell it off and buy some new technology presses like the Goss 3000 in Easton . Get different folder confiruations. Get sales to sell work that fits the nitches we were once good at and stop wasting time on work that we can not possibly make money on... Its not rocket science Bobby

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