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  • officekid officekid Nov 16, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    Why is Bob Trashing Cenveo

    What possible pleasure can Bob get out of running this thing into the ground. Unless he knows something the rest of the world does not, this house of cards is coming down.

    He's rich, His son's are rich. Why have your legecy be that of running a company into failure. If Burton and the boys left maybe, just maybe a new mgt team could find a way to save this company from the desaster course it's on.

    If he left know he might not be going out on a winning streak but He would not be labeled a complete failure. I've listened to the calls. He's an embarassment to this company and himself. It's hard to believe anyone listens. From the softball questions my guess is not many do.

    Bob, It's time to take up golf or fishing. Let someone who sees market trends and understands the 21st century try and fix this thing. It may already be too late but your departure would have a positive impact on the stock ( I bet it would go up a $1), morale and possible long term life of this company. If you stay, it will die.

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