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  • nyfortysomething nyfortysomething Dec 12, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    Looks Like a Sucker Rally

    do you think it matters that they are retiring all their debt due at the end of 2013 ?

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    • it only matters because they wont have to scramble to sell assets or divisions to meet the maturity. it matters because the smoke/mirrors piece is that the debt isn't retired. it really has just been replaced with new debt of which I think some is potentially convertible to stock. it only matters because in a declining industry they continue to roll over debt into more expensive debt. like all things, this game will end one day. my guess is they have until 2015/2016 until rates start rising appreciably. then our 8,9,10,11% rates will be well the rats scurry for the exits when those days come. they can barely cover their interest payments now. they have to use all their borrowing capacity just to keep the lights on. if you want to buy companies and build them, shouldnt you have readily available capital to do it? they honestly thought this whole thing would have been sold by now and have been someone elses problem. wicked smart dem guys is. he even said so on the last call. they had no intention of actually running this business. it was supposed to be a smash and grab job. too bad thousands of employees are stuck holding the bag for 1 #$%$ decision after another.

    • For the short term maybe a very little matters. But anyones first goal running a large company should be in the constant and continuing growth of the business and not in the destruction of it for personal gain. We would like to think that the sec would change some guidelines for these ceo compensation packages but the same type of people are in on it

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