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  • tnictitanfan tnictitanfan Dec 15, 2012 8:25 AM Flag

    Wisco needs Management

    Does anyone know how to contact the HR dept at the corporate office? I'm talking a name and/or email address.

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    • Wisco has not had decent senior management since the Paul Gray era. He is running Trade Envelope now. He was backed up with top notch accounting, sales and manufacturing managers.

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      • Yes i agree the management is a joke , a washed up maintance man is now the plant manager by the way of alot of #$%$ kissing , no eduacation, no morals and no idea how to run a plant , not to mention he operates on the buddy system .Then we have a first shift supervisor that cant make a decision without asking the second shift boss because he is scared to death of him if he really knew how many people were amused by his actions he would retire. They will leave production machines down several shifts during the week but then want to run them on saturday for overtime #$%$ are you serious. Then we have the high school grad of a human resource manager that will look at you in the face and lie to you , come on now do you think cupcakes and cookies and a 25.00 gift card is gonna raise moral or production at wisco WE WANT A DAMN RAISE not excuses why you cant get us one , are previous manager had no problem getting us one. And by the way that long waste of time meeting we had last week about working together and gossip and moral was a waste of good production time , I would be embarrased to stand up in a meeting and talk about how we make numbers and all this money then in the next breath say i wish i could get yall a raise , 8 years come on now maybe we just need a manager thats got some balls and will try to get us a raise , the union plants are getting there raise. Come on RS get some balls and help your employees which make you look so good or get out and let somebody else help us!!!!

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