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  • webmagic49 webmagic49 Apr 15, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    Closing the Westvaco Chamblee GA Plant

    Will the employees have an opportunity to move to the plants the they are moving the equipment too? I know we ran some special equipment in that plant and did mostly work for American Express but will these people move to Florida? Is it clsoe enough to make the commute? Sorry, I don't have a map in front of me. Next on the list must be our Pennsylvania Plants. Two plants so close to each other must spell doom for one fo them. My guess is that Biurton is tired for sending the Crystal's a rent check for the building. Cenveo buys Commercial Envelpe for over $225 Million in cash and doesn't get the real estate, too funny. I heard Burton's kid brokered that deal. Too Funny, give him a raise. Broke is as broke does!

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    • “The corporate killer downsizing is directly responsive to what the mutual funds have wanted.” - Jim Cramer

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • the plants in PA are probably the two largest plants in terms of people, sales and equipment. Not easily consolidated. I do not think they compete for the same business.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Cenveo Altoona will be an empty shell soon enough,make it while you can.Get your bills paid and prepare for the inevitable.Sort of like playing the lottery,put another dollar in and hope for the best.But in this case the dollar is going in Burtons pocket not yours.You would have better luck at betting on how much food Frank shoves in his face every day and if Deans shanker on his face is getting larger or not.

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