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  • metropath metropath Feb 24, 2000 6:39 AM Flag

    Considering all the news MDR did fine

    did the same unload like you.

    The question
    is who were the "stupid" one buying all the shares
    we dumped!

    Four years from now I wonder MDR
    will still be here if tne mangement does not increase
    share price or move forward.

    If no current
    issues like asbestos or disappointed earnings last Nov.
    Do you expect MDR will drop from 18 to 8? You
    probably will pay at least 25 for your each share by

    Comparing with other fuel cell stocks and marine cons.
    services stocks, what do you see from them? positive
    earning or PE ?

    I think you did the right thing,
    you still have "few" shares left. Looks to me you
    want to buy back if it goes lower. But you are not
    sure how low will it go and you also don't want be
    left out if this dog rally again for any reason you
    cannot figure out.

    Buy low sell high is the key
    for all of us to make money. If no fisk no downside
    you and me will not pay 8 dollors for this dog. If
    current issue make you think the entire MDR will go chap
    11 then you better bail out now.
    Even "few"
    shares is risk to you!

    After calculating the
    downside and the reward, my stomach tells my brain it is
    ok, so I stay.

    Let's see who is the winner 6
    months from now.

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