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  • obieyuan obieyuan Mar 2, 2011 9:26 AM Flag

    Anything useful?

    With earnings tomorrow this board has nothing useful to work with......

    Earnings annoucements for next quarter. The most useful info was a post on short interest....

    HILL does not communicate or there would be more to talk about. This is generally concerning.

    They have pre-annouced so its safe to assume $0.05 EPS since they would never give a range without being at the top, unless they really don't know what their doing.

    Earnings tomorrow should be anti-climatic. The real question will be the conference call. The read on the call will say everything about their demeanor or the potential toward an acquisition.

    I fear the stock will be down on Friday due to a let down in communicaitons during the call. I don't get the vibe that these guys know (or care) about communicating for the purposes of maintaining a stock level.

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    • Becareful,

      HILL would not do an investor's conf and pre-announce earning unless they had something to back it up. Your selling is smart move. I'm still riding profits for the fall. Price stability in the $3s is a good thing. I think CC will be positive and onward to $5 in a couple months.


    • i think (as possibly becareful eluded to) the big question is if mgmt. can/will say that revenues will/are recovering from loss of net app buisness. thus the importance of the cc GL

    • I believe you are emach. The pumper who emerges here on up days making absurd proclamations. If the stock continues higher he pats himself on the bck. If the stock sells off he hides like a coward. Typical Yahoo pumper.
      Me? I bought in awhile back when HILL was mentioned in a press release for another storage sector vedor. Timing was good, road some profits higher and kept buying. A couple of weeks back, once the daily volume dried up, I figured the fast money had lost interest here so I started selling off a bit at a time, down to my current 25% position. I'll hold that to keep my toe in the pool and hear what management says about future business.
      What I don't like about HILL is the cheesy bulletin--board-like irrelvant press releases. And paying to put together a Wall Street Reporter audio webcast. This stuff is the mark of an amateur operation.
      What I do like is Dot Hill's respectable annual revenues and balance sheet.

    • I've been buying over the last week...

      It seems to me if they are upping guidance, it's a pretty good bet we'll be in the 5's in a few months.

      And if Oracle has an interest, maybe we'll head much higher!

    • Becareful,

      Note your comments. Good points as well. Previous ER has seen a run the day of earnings. Nothing wrong with your opinion here.


    • If Oracle is using Hill technology then HILL stock will attract buyers and a higher stock price.
      The rumor of Hill having Oracle as a customer is what initially started the stock moving, followed my momentum traders who pushed it to the high $3's.
      Certainly Hill needs Oracle (or another high sales volume customer) to replace the old Net App business.
      There is very little solid information on this message board. A couple of pumpers who recite propaganda from a past Hill Investor Presentation and, or, make up stuff. These guys pump on up days and crawlk back in their holes during down days.
      On a positive note, I do believe Dot Hill is a real company with real products and customers. Lots of Nasdaq micro caps are fake without any real business. Dot Hill is a real business.

    • cane5 Mar 2, 2011 9:30 AM Flag

      These guys had a investor conference some months back. I suggest you go back and hear it and you will see they know plenty about what needs to get done. this is a turnaround company so it all takes a little time.Investors here have made a 100 percent on their money since the time of that call.

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      • Volume speaks volumes..I would say. Very anemic volume as there are no sellers..Suspect buyers waiting for the right opportunity. Some are accumulating using both sides of the trade, bid/ask, to get their shares albeit in small 100 share blocks...

        I'm with Cane. They (Mgmt) have been very progressive in the last 5 months and delivered a higher share price. More to come I suspect. Patience is key here. Tough to trade any blocks of significant size.


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