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  • icar990 icar990 Oct 10, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    I Guarantee that Hill above $5 in 2014 as long at Nasdaq over 3,200

    I am not predicting this, it is a Guarantee!! as long as nasdaq above 3,200. Not Hill's fault if the markets go down significantly. Is that enough "Future" before the fact prediction, actually Guarantee for you people. Right here in black and white print. I have well over 70,000 shares because this is huge high probability, I can't believe the gift I have been handed. I posted this weeks ago when is was near $2 and you people should have listened. It was actually clear back in April at the analyst day. That is why hill management has not sold and holds onto about 2 Million shares. Also if you see the Big new customer bubble in phase 2 of the slide move to Phase 3, buy all the Hill you can because it is then going to over $10 by end of 2014. I am listening very carefully for the news in the industry. You need to understand the storage, server, data center, cloud areas to see how easy this call is for me. Just too Easy!!

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    • Well, I hate to break this to you....but there's no GUARANTEES in the stock market...I certainly hope you are right...but WOW. I think you mean that you are predicting this with So, what is your prediction for after earnings? Why the huge volume spike on Thursday, only to recede dramatically today? Explain please all knowing one....

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      • I can't predict what the overall stock market (in this case Nasdaq) will do. Too many external, non-financial, factors. I can Guarantee that if the Nasdaq stays above 3,200 during the 1st half of 2014, Hill be reach above $5. That is a conservative estimate and based on the info that Hill presented and the info on the storage, data center, cloud industry. This is Conservative - likely Hill will be much higher than $5 and so I am giving you folks a low end number. That is why management is NOT selling - they too can see the huge sales and EPS increase in 2014 (as long as the markets (thus the overall economy does not tank or is forced to tank)). I do have some market (nasdaq and s&p hedges to protect against market crashes)). Just too easy. I am not a day a trader and so don't care if Hill goes up or down any day or any week. I am looking out several months and looking to make massive gains.

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