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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Nov 7, 2006 4:19 PM Flag

    ****** Special Message From RT********

    There is no one more disappointed with SURG than yours truly. This stock simply seems to be acting irrationally relative to its future potential. This type of behavior is not too uncommom for micro techs when things are uncertain - - Valley Forge merger comparison difficulty and the litigation matter with IRIX. Due to the continuing weakness in this stock, I feel compelled to change my sentiment indicator from "Strong Buy" to "Hold" thereby swallowing a bit of my pride. I want to make it very clear here that I'm not selling any portion of my built up position which at this time has an average cost of $4.18. I think we need to clear the air here on both of the above issues and that's likely to take some time. Meanwhile, I suggest that you take your money elsewhere - - CAMH.OB and ANGN are two of my current favorites.

    Cheers and good investing,
    Retiredtechie "RT"

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    • Almost like throwing in the towel, the biggest cheerleader moving to a hold....Now I see it as a contrarian indicator...Time to buy strongly!!!!!

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      • Gibster360:

        You must be kidding. Your handle on the English language must be quite poor. Going from a "Strong Buy" to a "Hold" is nothing more than a neutral change of sentiment and nothing more. You are trying to read too much into my recent seniment indicator change. I continue to like this company very much for its long term (24-48 month) potential and I most likely will go back to my former sentiment indicator once the short term negatives are removed - - clarity problem with the Valley Forge merger and litigation matter with IRIX.

        Cheers and good investing,
        Retiredtechie "RT"

    • Drucwolf:

      Thanks for your supportive comments about me - - I appreciate them very much.

      Glad to hear you are building up your position in SURG. I think you will be quite happy with your investment if you exhibit some longer term patience. The current rough period will blow away in the short term. I think the investment community will have a much different and much more positive perspective on the company toward the middle of 2007. Although I'm fully loaded with shares and holding, I see nothing wrong with accumulating at this point.

      I'll take a look at the stocks that you referenced - - thanks for sharing those with me.

      Cheers and good investing,
      Retiredtechie "RT"

    • Based on RTs unseccesful history with predictions on this and other boards, I'll say its time to buy...again, based on the success rate of some other posters, its as good an indicator as TA advice or fundumental analysis

    • If it took anyone this long to realize this stock is a pos ...I feel truly sorry for u.....

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      • Biggunnz:

        Thanks very much for your sympathy, however, I really don't expect or need it. Lord knows I've got a pretty good bundle of SURG. In fact, my tractor trailer has been fully loaded for quite some time. I'm disappointed just like the rest of you folks. SURG is a good example of why I advocate playing 12-15 micro cap med-techs at a time on a long term (24-48 month) basis. You are always going to have a few stocks or DOGGIES as I like to call them in your overall portfolio. These stocks will typically defy your best logic and analysis in the "shor term". As long as I can continue to believe strongly in the "long term" with a stock like SURG, I will "tend" to resist dumping either partially or completely no matter what happens. If SURG at this point goes down into the 2's, so be it and I'll live with it. I'll just ride it back out once the negatives disappear. This is all part of my strategy which I follow very faithfully. This is not unfamiliar territory for this old geezer. I've been here before. Its just part of my bigger picture of investing in micro caps. Over time, I believe very strongly that we will prevail with our shares of SURG. Try to keep your chins high, everyone!!

        Cheers and good investing,
        Retiredtechie "RT"

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