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  • cabbage_farmer cabbage_farmer Mar 10, 2000 12:03 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    A little improvement so far this week, as the
    CDCC(Chief Double-Click Cheerleader-Skeemer) would normally
    say-gimmee some shorts!! We still have a way to go to get
    back to January 4th's price and here is hoping for a
    northward ride. Hang on to MATX, POD, as we may well do
    very well with that one in the next few weeks and
    months. You know something, POD, I really miss dclicker's
    posts-that person was a hell of a forecaster-just never have
    heard or seen anything concerning any LYCOS deal which
    was discussed at end of 1999-is it still going to
    happen? Wonder if there are still some cockaroaches or
    cement balloons who still haven't covered.......(i.e.
    See RMBS)

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