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  • Pickle_007 Pickle_007 Jun 13, 1999 11:15 PM Flag

    Wow, I copied this post from the INVN

    message board this morning. INVN is (InVision
    Technologies) and this post contains new news that can
    materially can affect INVN (InVision Technologies,Inc. Here
    it is:

    Associated Press article taken from
    Friday's Philadelphia Inquirer entitled:

    U. S.

    This is a syndicated
    article so it appeared all over the United States and
    where ever the Associated Press contributes to,
    therefore this was read widely, if anyone took the time to
    isolate the three paragraphs I'm about to copy verbatim
    from this article. First, I'll reprint the first
    paragraph which reads:

    "American ground troops
    converged on Kosovo's doorstep yesterday, poised with NATO
    allies for a mission fraught with dangers ranging from
    land mines to booby-trapped bridges and the
    possibility of sniper fire from stay-behind

    Now I'll reprint the last two paragraphs in this
    article which are:

    "The military-to-military
    agreement that Yugoslav and NATO generals signed Wednesday
    cals for the withdrawing Serbian troops to mark ad
    clear the minefields, booby traps and other obstacles
    on their way out of Kosovo, but Pentagon officials
    said they expected many of the hazards to be left

    The accord also says that by today (Friday, June 11),
    Yugoslav authorities are to provide to NATO "detailed
    records, positions ad descriptions of all mines,
    unexploded ordinance" and other hazards to safe movement in

    The article was written by Robert Burns of the
    Associated Press and anyone who wants to retrieve the entire
    article may attempt to search for it on the web. Anyone
    living in and surrounding Philadelphia may find this
    article in the inside section entitled "The Balkan War's
    End" in what I believe was section B of the
    Philadelhia Inquirer on Friday's June 11.

    It's obvious
    sophisticated technology is sorely needed to assist in
    identifying the "land mine" issue in Kosovo unless everyone
    is convinced the Serbs will do all in their power to
    ensure the saftey of UN and U. S. troops by identifying
    100 % of the locations planted with land mines. I
    personally am convinced the Serbs probably don't give a

    While I hate to say this and I pray it doesn't occur,
    any maimings or fatalities caused by either UN or U.
    S. troops from stepping on land mines in Kosovo will
    draw instant attention to INVN. Let's hope INVN draws
    attention on it's own and that no such mishaps occur. With
    the Serbs admitting to burying over one million land
    mines, I'm predicting some landmines will be triggered
    and maimings/deaths will occur. You may visit the
    INVN website which

    INVN shares are extrememly undervalued here, more than
    at anytime in it's corporate public history. INVN's
    shares closed at 5 5/16 this past Friday, and were
    quoted 5 5/16 bid offered at 5 7/16, with 2000 shares
    bid and offered.

    INVN sells at under 9 X
    earnings, has a 3 to 1 current ratio, 12 M shares
    outstanding, 9 M shares floating, earned over $ .60 last
    fiscal, has $ 14 M in cash on hand, virtually no debt,
    and earns 12 to 14 % net after taxes for the past few
    years. Successful sales of land mine detection systems
    will dramatically beef up their bottom

    The core business of INVN till now has been the
    manufacture of EDS (Explosion Detection Systems) in which
    they are but one of only two companies in the U. S.
    that is certified by the FAA. Most Explosion Detection
    systems in place at our airports are INVN

    All facts posted above can be supported by visiting
    the INVN board and scrolling through their profile
    and clicking on the Market Guide link.

    the rest of a beautiful weekend.

    Pickle 007

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