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  • Guerilla_Strategist Guerilla_Strategist Oct 19, 1999 3:10 PM Flag

    3 Baseball fans were on their way to a

    I recall quite clearly that in April, after YHOO
    and EBAY reported the very same DLJ raise its targets
    to $300 for both stocks. YHOO proceded to fall from
    $244 to $110 and EBAY from $221 to the summer low of

    If you have traded i-nets as I have, you know that
    post-earnings resistance for i-nets can get ugly.

    the seasonal aspects help DCLK, nothing else

    BTW, you know that "faster than industry" growth just
    doesn't cut it for i-net valuiations. You'll note that
    sequential growth as well as quarter-on-quarter growth for
    DCLK has been slowing considerably. Add to this DCLK
    remains far from profitablity and we have a post-earnings
    sell off ahead. Granted it may not be that intense
    (like falling to the 50s in August), but if you think
    that DCLK will continue to climb without pause, you
    are only fooling yourself.