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  • nitebcrap nitebcrap Jun 23, 2003 7:48 AM Flag

    Iraq...... US morale on the slip.

    Cracks starting to show in Robocops.

    America's tired troops just want to go home,
    June 23 2003 at 09:36AM

    By Shino Yuasa

    Fallujah, Iraq - Feeling tired and depressed after being away from home for months, young American soldiers in Iraq say they are not peacekeepers and are ready to go home.

    "I think I had enough. It's time for us to go home," said Private First Class Joe Cruz, 18, from the Second Brigade of the army's Third Infantry Division in Fallujah, 50km west of Baghdad.

    Cruz, a native of Guam, has been away from his family for nearly a year and said not knowing when he would go home depressed him.

    'I think I had enough. It's time for us to go home'

    "When I get depressed, I just write a letter. I write a lot. Writing a letter relieves my stress," said the shy soldier. In letters, he tells his mother he is fine.

    He is lying.

    "I wake up in the middle of the night just to look around. I am always half-asleep," said Cruz, one of 4 000 United States soldiers assigned to keep the peace in this conservative Sunni Muslim city, which has often been a flashpoint since US troops shot dead at least 16 civilians during protests in late April.

    Graffiti on one of the walls along the main road of the city reads: "God bless the resistance fighters of the City of Mosques."

    Sergeant Robert Meadows, one of six doctors at the brigade's compound, said he treats one soldier a day on average for illnesses related to combat fatigue.

    'I don't think you can ever get near that level unless you won another war'
    "The biggest problem is sleep. Some people just sleep for hours and hours but still don't have any energy to get up," said the 39-year-old doctor from Brooklyn in New York.

    Meadows has seen soldiers suffering from symptoms of combat stress including depression, agitation and short temper and said a majority of them are men in their early 20s.

    "The most common symptom is depression. Not knowing when we're going home is the worst part," he said. He has prescribed anti-depressants but said the best treatment is just talking to soldiers.

    "I just talk to them and tell them to get some sleep," Meadows said, adding that soldiers can rest for three days under the treatment.

    Private First Class Miguel Balderas, 22, said he sleeps inside the compound most of his off-duty time.

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    • There is no democracy if information is not correct or misleading since opinions and actions will be based on a false premise.

    • Pardon me but "isolated?" George Tenet prepared the official report of the CIA. What other reports are there except unsubstantiated claims by the administration? FOr a report to be accurate, the evidence has to be.

    • But Wolfowitz wanted to do it.

    • Bush is still confusing the public cynically by saying we have "gone to war" vs. terrorism. Of course the attack and then occupation of Iraq wasn't about terrorism at all, and he knows it, or should know it, but the asinine liar thinks "terrorism" is the best excuse he's got for anything he does, so he trots it out and uses it to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

    • " The same people whose own military demanded the removal of BBC broadcasting from their ships because of its slanted bias.(redundant?)
      LOL. "

      That's right. That's one of the drawbacks I guess of having a news organisation that is not beholden to anything other than finding the truth and reporting it.

      When your government misleadingly sends you to war and you see on TV it's not quite happening as you have been led to believe it can be a bit demoralising.

      But now of course, the UK Navy are now aware that the BBC were correct in their reporting all along, so they will know who to trust in future.

    • "I dont know what the %'s are but the number of people who believe in space aliens visiting the earth is also embarrassingly high. One of the big problems with democracy is the fact that most people are either stupid or uninterested. Still, Ill take democracy every time."

      In order that the right and proper decisions are made in a democracy, there is a greater importance attached to being told the truth by our leaders. Otherwise the function and result is not much different to a dictatorship.

    • " So could almost anybody else in the world, so I guess we should just kill everybody. But, by using 9-11 in the same speeches in talking about Iraq (and it was deliberate), somehow 41% of the US feels that they were. And we haven't as yet heard any speech from Bush correcting that misconception. That is deliberate misleading. "


      Correct Britelit. In the early days of the Iraqi war, does anyone recall seeing a Marine Sergeant telling his squad on TV, that he just (I paraphrase)"wants to kill these people cuz of what they did to his city" (NYC) or was that just shown outside of the US?

      I assume he was not the only member of the military who shared or had been indoctrinated with the same Bush disinformation. I wonder how many civillians were accidently shot because of that jaundiced view?

    • You think so?? I bet Bush would have made a great Tin Man.

    • On 9-11-2001 Pigs flew.

    • The same people whose own military demanded the removal of BBC broadcasting from their ships because of its slanted bias.(redundant?)

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