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  • shortnglad shortnglad Apr 20, 2004 11:47 AM Flag



    As a presidential candidate in 2000, George Bush pledged to use his
    "political capital" to influence OPEC when gas prices soared, saying that
    during a crisis, a president, "ought to get on the phone with the OPEC
    cartel and say, 'We expect you to open your spigots" (1). But with gas
    prices soaring in the United States (2), newspapers report the White House
    now says the president refuses to "personally lobby oil cartel leaders to
    change their minds" (3).

    With the president refusing to do anything about the situation, OPEC opted
    this week to cut supply to further inflate gas prices and bilk American
    consumers (4). While Saudi Arabia's ambassador told the White House
    yesterday that his country supposedly opposed higher oil prices, the
    president's refusal to use his close relations with the Saudi government
    gave the Saudis a pass to support the OPEC production cut (5). Despite the
    Saudi effort to keep American energy prices high - and despite their ties to
    terror groups (6) - the President continues to insist that the Saudi Arabia
    is "our friend" (7).

    During his term, the president has pursued other policies that help enrich
    the oil industry, which has given him more than $3 million since 2000 (8).
    For instance, his tax legislation actually created a massive tax incentive
    for consumers to purchase gas-guzzling SUVs over fuel efficient hybrid cars
    (9). Meanwhile, the first budget President Bush introduced after taking
    office tried to cut 37%, (almost $200 million), out of federal research on
    renewable energy and energy efficiency programs (10).

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    • Mr./Ms./She/It shortnglad:

      Pfizer Message Board Posters want you to answer the following questions:

      Is your real name is John F'n Kerry Heinz, aka "little man" aka "shortnglad"?

      Being that you are such a French lookalike best-kept-gigilo, I want to know if you have any direct knowledge about Euro-liberal-leftist socialist-communist French women really having hairy arm pits and body oder?

      As a French lookalike presidential wannabe, Is it true that you are into composting your Euro-liberal-leftist speechs?

      Are you going flee America for Euro-liberal-leftist socialist-communist France if lose the November 2004 Presidential election?

      One final question, as a presidential wannabe, and as a prostate cancer survivor, if you lose the November 2004 Presidential election, are you John F'n Kerry Heinz, Massachusetts Democratic Senator, also known as America's best-kept-gigolo trial-lawyer-loving French lookalike Euro-liberal-leftist pro-homosexual-marriage pro-abortion-baby-killing pot-smoking Senator, going to talk to the drug company Pfizer Inc. (PFE) about becoming their spokesperson for the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra?

      Lock and Load,


    • If you only had a brain scarecrow.

    • Could you get something original please?

      Oh yeah you're a can't think for just do what your told.

    • Mr./Ms.'She/It notabushdupe (kerrydupe):

      The Yahoo Phizer Message Board wants to know your real identity.

      Are you really Al Frankin in disguise?

      Lock and Load,


    • Mr./Ms./She/It shortnglad:

      I have a small penis, but killing lots of Arab towel-heads makes me feel much better about it.

      Pfizer Message Board Posters want you to answer the following questions:

      If bin Laden and and Arial Sharon got married, would Kerry-the-French-lookalike Euro-liberal-leftist pro-homosexual-marriage pro-abortion-baby-killing pot-smoking Senator kill their babies or smoke another joint?

      Are you going flee America for Euro-liberal-leftist socialist-communist France if Bush steals another Presidential election?

      If god and bush got in a fistfight, would god lick bush?

      Lock and Load,


    • Are you really Sean Hannity in disguise?

      The Pfizer BB wants to know.

    • They let him on the web to vent, in hopes of making him whole.

    • You are obviously 2 lobes lighter in the brain.

    • The inch got added to my johnson, I that made me glad, not so my wife.

    • I was talking about height. i lost about a half an inch from when I was younger. This guy doc writes like a mental patient.

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