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  • pokerplayer34 pokerplayer34 Apr 10, 2006 4:00 PM Flag

    Chartness et al.-Off Topic

    Last week you sent out a copy of a document about whether Jesus was able to walk on water, based upon the conjecture of a Professor in Florida, that there may have been some ice that allowed this to happen.
    There are two clear proofs that ice was not the answer.
    1. I menetioned that Peter also walked on water, according to that same passage of scripture about Jesus walking on water.
    Peter left the boat and walked on water to meet Jesus. Peter as he approached Jesus began to doubt his faith that he could walk on water and began to sink.
    2. The next important proof against this ice theory is that the boat was sailing in this same water and was not stuck in any ice.
    So much for more illogical theories from college professors that cannot withinstand simple challenges and should never have been published in the first instance.

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    • Unless one believes the Old Testament.

      Some populations are prone to certain lifestyles and what parents teach is passed on.

      We know that Jewish Israelite Law says the father�s sins are inherited to the fourth generation. What one believes about this is subject to one's Pair of Dimes.

      The Old Holly Scrolls suggest some populations have a bad nature, but also suggest this need not apply to all. Some populations are by nature good, but even then we see major exceptions. In the end it is the person, but what you see your family do becomes accepted. How many times have you seen an Israelite conduct business at Temple?

      This is act forbidden, but it is done. When family members see this action it becomes acceptable. I know one Hassidic business acquaintance that observes all laws and appearance. By day his print shop produces religious materials. In the evening the doors are locked and the presses turn to explicit pornography. Every one of us know what he does, his family knows, Temple members know, he conducts transactions at Temple and he sees himself as a law abiding good man.

      His actions are a dichotomy of the Law. Trouble in these families follows for generations and they cannot figure out why.

      Unlike one bad jewish example of one family, from good people, the Edomite has lived steeped in murder, deceit, and power for personal gain and manipulating the religion for personal gain for 2000 years. That is a hard cycle to break. After awhile even the family and friends accept this as necessary and understandable. It becomes acceptable to cheat on your taxes and little things begin to matter less and look right.

      But the children notice and it becomes a way of life and it is wrong and not righteous.

    • Edomites thing is fictional in nature; .. Noone is good or bad because of their tribal connections..


    • The Edomite largely took over the whole area south of Samaria. This is largely why in the New Testament Stories and in the Roman historian accounts and Jewish accounts, most of the Israelites of Benjamin and Juda were living North of Samaria. Remember that the narratives all have the Benjamites and Judahites traveling through Samaria to go to Temple.

      Of course, many Jews also lived in Judea along with the Edomite, but the Edomite population was larger and they had confiscated the best lands and estates. Many returning Jews lived in poverty and some or many of the poorest resorted to stealing.

      When they were caught, Herod sold them into slavery largely in Rome. This was a major violation of Jewish law! But Herod violated virtually every Jewish Law. He put foreign priests in charge and literally drowned or cut the throats of thousands of Jewish clerics.

      He killed 45 of 70 of the High Priests in one night. He continued killing the replacements that balked at breaking Jewish/Israelite holy law. The Herds were said to be so effective changing the Israelite religion that Jews never again knew their own faith in the manner of their fathers.

      So effective was the Edomite elimination of Israelite Scrolls that few from Judea remain today, in fact, almost none. All we have we got from Israelite sources maintained elsewhere. The Edomite/Babylonian influence was so great that the Talmud is properly named the "Babylonian" Talmud.

      King David, and our ancestors, who stood against Babylon through the millennia, must be spinning in the graves, that Israelite Clerics now so proudly connect their religion to Babylon.

    • <<This ridiculous! They were brought to Israel by Israelite Jews!>>>

      Good. I agree.

    • Oh boy! People I dispise? What in the heck led you this statement? Are you telling me that there are jewish Edomites in Israel? I have never read about this.

      Are you telling me they exist? Are you telling me they are in control? Are you actually telling me that Eodomites were the ones that brought these people?

      This ridiculous! They were brought to Israel by Israelite Jews!

      I have never been negative about any Israelite. You want to pat Israelites on the back for saving Israelites, which is their command to do? Once the good deed is done, some Israelites, even if they are the same ones abuse them and it is all right?

      American Israelite Jews stood tall in America's civil rights movement and then create a new society in new Salem and become racists?

      No way this is right!

    • <<When the Jews return to Israel, their land and homes are owned by Edomites>>

      are you talking about Judea and Somaria, better known as the West Bank?

      What are you going to do with the Pals?

    • <<When and Israelite attacks another Esraelite and relegates them to second class, over such matters as skin colr, as your article suggested was being done, they are acting as the Edomite did.>>

      Right, and they were brought to israel--they were saved by the same people you despise

    • When and Israelite attacks another Esraelite and relegates them to second class, over such matters as skin colr, as your article suggested was being done, they are acting as the Edomite did.

      The Edomite acted within Israel, killing and slaughtering. Do you understand the importance of the 70 Sanhedrian?

      Condensed History of Edomite Treachery:

      Sanhedrin: An institution as renowned as the Sanhedrin was naturally given by Judahite tradition a most venerable and hallowed antiquity. The Sanhedrin in the Council of the seventy Elders founded by Moses (Numbers 11:16); others point to the first traces of the Sanhedrin in the tribunal created by Josaphat (2 Chronicles 19:8).

      In the beginning of the Edomite story they are the Enemy of Israel from Jordan and what is now Saudi Arabia. Generally they curtail their enmity with Israel when Babylon tries to assault Israel, but there greed overwhelms them when Babylon promises the Edomite they can possess all of Israel, if they pretend to support Israel, but then abandon them in the battle. Not only does the Edomite abandon Israel, but also they join with Babylon in the war.

      It is the Edomite that burns down and dismantles the Great Temple of Solomon. It is the Edomite Nazi that sends millions of Jews into Babylonian Concentration Camps for 70 years. It is the Edomite that settles Judea during the 70 absence of Israel.

      When the Jews return to Israel, their land and homes are owned by Edomites. They eventually go back to war. But the Edomite is always deceitful. Instead of fighting their own battles they beg Rome to send armies to quell the Jews. Rome does and Israel eventually falls and that is why we do not have Israel as our own country today.

      While protected by the Romans, the Edomites appoint an Edomite King. To obtain and maintain power, he kills 45 of the 70 priests Sanhedrin that actually rule Israel. He replaces the High Priest with his wife�s 17 year-old Edomite cousin, but later drowns him. He takes from power and then replaces into power and Edomite Pharisee from East of the Euphrates and from Babylon.

      He demands that the Israelite priest swear loyalty to him over God. He sells into slavery any troublesome Jew into Europe, Africa and elsewhere. The reign of Herod includes six men, brothers and sons, all utilizing the same tactics. When the Israelite rise up against Rome, they lose! We Israelites are still fighting to get our country back. An Israelite Jew that does not know the story of Edomite deceit is beyond comprehension and not fit as an Israelite Brother.

      Also to be fair to the Edomite, some 10% of the existing Edomite population in Palestine broke ranks and fought alongside Israel in the final losing battles against Rome. Our Israelite population had shrunk as the troublemakers had been killed or sold once again into slavery on trumped up charges. The Romans record that 20% of the soldiers against Rome were Edomites in those final days. The Moral: There are good people in every group, but they don�t seem to stand up early enough and their numbers are too few.

    • I agree.
      Minuteman obviously thinks otherwise.

    • <<We act like Edomites when we attack our brethern in this manner.>>

      Please describe that manner?

      You are not being responsive.

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