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  • moreironic3000 moreironic3000 May 4, 2006 4:37 PM Flag


    How phony are the Russians with their own Muslim terror problem? Hopefully Israel is helping Taiwan under US guidance.

    Israel intercepts shipment from China to Gaza

    Thursday, May 4, 2006
    TEL AVIV � Israeli customs authorities found night-vision systems and other dual-use equipment in a container sent from China and bound for the Gaza Strip.

    The shipment arrived to the Israeli port of Ashdod, where the military equipment was identified Tuesday by a scanner system.

    Officials said Israeli customs authorities have been on alert for attempts to ship combat and dual-use equipment to the Palestinian Authority, Middle East Newsline reported.
    Officials said the Palestinian importer claimed that the Chinese shipment contained hats and clocks. Instead, they said, customs officers found 300 telescopes, including those with infrared sights meant for assault weapons.

    "We are speaking of a quantity that could upgrade the fighting ability of an entire brigade in the PA security forces," an official was quoted by the Israeli news website Ynet as saying. "A telescope of this kind, fitted on an M-16 rifle, for example, improves the lethality of the weapon."

    Officials said several allies of the PA have sought to export this equipment under the guise of civilian goods to Palestinian security forces.

    Israel has banned the shipment of military equipment to PA security forces amid their refusal to disarm insurgency groups. China and Russia have sought to sell weapons and platforms to the PA, but Moscow suspended the plans amid Israeli and U.S. pressure.

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    • I rated that answer a five on humor only, not the message. Israel also rates five stars for being tough survivors with no victim stances. Bully for them. I hope they take out Iran's nuclear sites for us. They are our allies against terror.

    • <Israelis have reason to worry. A lot of reason.

      1. They will, if not obliterated before, be swamped with more Arabs in Israel than Jews. Then they will have to become a minority in Israel (if it remains the democracy they always crow about) or turn it into an apartheid state, like disgusting S. Africa was.

      2. Before that happens, if there is a nuke exchange in the area, Israel would be wiped out. It has had the stupid effect of concentrating lots of Jews in one place. There aren't many of them in the world, and herding themselves into a small space where they can be obliterated easily was not a smart move.>

      OK, Twittyfortat. I want you to educate me. You hate Israel, Jews, and America. You fantasize about NYC being hit with a nuke. You refer to Jews herding themselves into one place...where they can be obliterated. Are you actually going to act on your beliefs, as Timothy McVeigh did? Should we nuke Israel? How about Bush country in the US (the midwest - they are stupid and deserve to be killed)? What about those nasty rich Ziodupes that subjugate the rest of us? How do you propose to kill them? They are spread out into every nook and cranny of the country. Perhaps your plan should be to nuke the entire US and Israel? But where would you move? Ahh, there is always France.


    • "Since when does Mary replace the Father? "

      Actually, if you look into history, it was the "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit" that was representative of Mary. The whole trinity thing came about to unify the Christian church when it seemed to be splitting into different sects that placed different emphasis on worshipping "God The Father," "Jesus," or "Mother Mary." The concept of the Trinity was a way to pull them all together, by saying it really was the same thing, and that they really weren't worshipping different entities.

    • "Mo is a traitor."

      A lot o' them thar Traitors around nowadays. Coincidentally, it seems to correlate quite closely with anyone who disagrees with you.

    • ""How dare you claim I take sides with the Islamofascists! I'm against both Arab & Jewish terrorists. Israel is not America's friend. They pursue their own interests, not ours. We should not support them, since they murder Americans, steal & sell our secrets, give our enemies our sensitive technology & cause the whole Muslim world to hate us.

      If you think that Islamic terrorists would attack us without Israel, then you've never read the Islamofascists own words.

      We need to oppose both Israeli & Muslim terror. You need to decide whose side you're on, Israel's or America's. Can't be both.""

      Great post! Mo is a traitor. He'd sell out america for israel in a minute. Sadly ...many jews are this way.

      It's a fact they hate to admit. But most feel, and have been brainwashed into believing what is good for israel is good for usa and viceversa.....

      I had dinner with a prominent jewisdh attorney in NYC last week who did aggree....AIPAC has spied like crazy on america....and AIPAC is a scummy lobby.

    • If Troy is real, does that mean that Hercules existed..

      PS. Hercules was a closer legend to Troy than Jesus


    • "I thought that was the mythical girlfriend of Frazier Crane."

      Wasn't that the one that took your house?


    • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • "Unless you want to count the she devil Lilith, the mythological first wife of Adam,"

      I thought that was the mythical girlfriend of Frazier Crane.

    • "The three Persons of God are the Mother, Son & Holy Ghost"

      Blasphemy! Everyone knows that Popes and Gods are men.

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