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  • suckeesuckeesuckee suckeesuckeesuckee Feb 21, 2007 4:34 PM Flag

    Options say 27.5 Max Pain

    Upward pressure!


    PFE longs are sad, grasping at straws, no matter how flimsy, to feed their insane delusions!

    You obviously have no hint as to how max pain works. At the very time you posted this crazed drivel, PFE was migrating toward a lower strike price, as options positions were being unwound.

    Nor is PFE now under downward pressure toward $25 because that's current max pain & will be at expiry. There simply isn't enough riding on that strike price & the stock is too far away for max pain to make a difference, just as was the case when it was at $27.50.

    No wonder you're all such sorry bagholders! Ignorant, stupid & wishful thinking, straw-graping craziness go before a fall. Or lots of them, over & over.

    If you want to trade this POS, the only way to do so is short, covering at the support level before dividend ex-date, then shorting again. You can't lose.

    But IMO PFE isn't worth playing at all now. Its downside is almost as limited as its upside for the next few years.

    It might be a buy in 2009, 2010 or 2011, but not now. A ruling in favor of Ranbaxy from Canada, however, might set up a trading buy for a brief short covering rally ride up after it sells off. If I thought Ranbaxy might win, I'd keep shorting PFE's dividend bounces, but I don't think they'll prevail.

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