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  • baalhadad baalhadad Sep 19, 2007 9:45 PM Flag

    How low PFE after 2008 guidance lowered? $23, $22, $21 or


    Sure to happen during October earnings report, if not sooner.

    Management is already out there covering their asses by guiding lower for this year.

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    • It actually takes less than that. Just a real fear that something will realistically get passed could really tank big pharma. He keeps speaking of single payer. Even Hillary does not support that any more. But as you properly point out, legislation far less onerous than single payer could be a very substantial negative for Pfe.

    • You are so densely dumb!

      All that buying bac k shares in one fell swoop does is pop the EPS one year. In future, it's a huge drag, compared to buying a pipeline.

      What part of "growth" don't you understand? PFE can't grow sales on its own. That's its whole problem. Management & analysts have to live in the real world, not your fantasy realm in which revenue grows automatically, willy nilly.

      For PFE it hasn't & it won't. Even in years with fewer patent losses, PFE hasn't shown that it can grow sales, & the future promises to be even worse, much worse, whether Hillary wins or not.

      Since your entire retirement is riding on it, try, really, really hard, just once in your miserable, useless existence, to contact reality.

    • Won't happen, but even if it were to happen, doesn't mean the stock is going down. Look what happened to Ford today when they reported a 21% drop in sales...uh up 4%. The pelple who make money in the market are those who can envison the other side of the mountain before it becomes visable to the masses.

    • WAG is the tell. big switch to generics which Weasel keeps denying.

      Walgreen blamed lower payments for popular generic drugs, along with higher operating expenses, for the downturn. Specifically, it said it had "a significant reduction" in gross profit dollars in the fourth quarter from the generic version of Zocor (simvastatin), which was introduced in June 2006. Retail pharmacies typically see the highest gross profit dollars in the first few months after a generic prescription drug becomes available, the Deerfield (Ill.) company explained.

      "This quarter was negatively impacted by lower generic drug reimbursements, combined with higher salary and store expenses, and higher advertising costs," said Walgreen's Chairman Jeffrey A. Rein in a release. "Our expenses weren't in line with the level of reimbursements we were receiving

    • Only on your planet is the loss of Lipitor made up by allegedly raising prices on other drugs:

      1. Maybe those prices will be raised, maybe they will have to be cut for regulatory, legislative and competitive reasons. I'm very serious given what Dems have been saying.

      2.Prices would have to be raised 8-10% probably, just to keep up with 3 years of inflation.

      3.Such price increases, if they occur, have nothing whatsoever to do with replacing Lipitor. Only new drugs from the lab or acquisition can do that. You conceded that in the past, but you're back to the same invalid arguments.

      Similar dissection can be made of each of your supposed replacement items. The analysis is intellectually dishonest over and above assuming many things which may very well not occur.

    • Keef Lubnan halla? Fi infijarat al-yom? Wallahi, inta min akhra dawla bil 'alam. Ana ba'rif al-haq, innu abi min lubnan! ROTFLMAO

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