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  • baalhadad baalhadad Sep 25, 2007 3:33 PM Flag

    MRK up, PFE down. So, what else is new?


    PFE is, has been & will continue to be the stinkiest stock of a stinky sector!

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    • > If these kinds of things are all that's needed to get earnings to $2.60 in 2012, I want my truck fully loaded and fully leveraged with Pfizer holdings.

      $2.60 in 2012 you say?

    • well mr chrt...look at the charts!

      MRK has faired much better over the last 12 months than PFE. All your reasoning in the world cant change that fact.

      I own PFE and not MRK...but have been somewhat disappointed over the stock's performance. hopefully, your logic kicks in and the next years performacne is better. A slight surge as of late. hopefully it holds on.

    • Good luck with that reckless and haphazard approach. I'd prefer to have a nicely diversified portfolio. Buy some BAC, CMG, ISIS, XOM and MRK. Play a little POZN if you're feeling lucky. Hold onto some PFE, but for God's sake, don't bet the farm on it.

    • You have a far poorer record for predicting the PFE stock price which simply means that earnings estimates often do not correlate with the stock price. This has certainly been true for the case of PFE and I am sure many other stocks as well. All of us here except for you are interested in the stock price, not earnings estimates. Face it, you do not have any better idea than the rest of us for predicting the PFE stock price three months down the road and your earning estimate figures don't seem to help much.

    • MRk is a better investment and has been since the Vioxx withdrawal. It went on sale, ran up 140% returns over three years and continues to trend up. It's immediate future looks great. PFE involves a lot more wishful thinking, hoping for the best, etc., but is worth holding in a smaller block.

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